The Advanced Burlesque Course

Join Little Lady Luscious, Trixi Tassels, Bootsy Bonafonté & Goodness Gracious on this awesome adventure where your stage persona will grow and soar. Continue your love of burlesque through advance techniques such as fan dancing, floor work and clowning.  Each class has been specifically chosen to enhance and continue your burlesque journey.  With the added bonus of developing a group number with your class mates you are guaranteed to make more friends and experience the Luscious fun we are famous for.

Our classes aren’t limited to Luscious students alone they are open to anyone who has taken a burlesque course and have performed at least once.

Courses and Prices

All classes will be held at The Academy Mews Studios, 15 Pratt Mews, London NW1 0AD

September 2019: Wednesday 18th September – Wednesday 6th November.  7:30pm – 9pm (please note from week 4 onwards class will start at 8pm)


February 2020: Monday 3rd February – Monday 23rd March 6:30pm – 8pm


What we’ll be doing

Week 1 – Recap on your burlesque tool kit and working together as a troupe. 

Doing a solo routine is fun but doing a routine with friends is awesome.  From choreography to costume we’ll be running through it all so you and your classmates can put together one kick ass group number

Week 2 – Guest Teacher – Advanced Bumps and Grinds with Trixi Tassels

She is not only the queen of tassels she is queen of the bump and grind.  This is one very intense class focussed on getting you to delve deep for your bumps and making the most of your juicy grinds.

Week 3 – Fan Dancing and fun with Bootsy Bonafonté

It’s time to flutter those feathers with Bootsy Bonafonté.  Feather fans are a fabulous prop Sally Rand made them famous and modern day burlesquers have really taken it up a notch.   We’ll get elegant with basic techniques and play at putting together a gorgeous routine. Bring a pair of fans or let LLL know if you need to borrow a pair.

Week 4 – Floorwork, Chair, and dramatic hair flicks with Luscious & Tassels

Luscious loves to prowl the stage but she also loves a bit of a crawl too. We’ll be unleashing your inner diva with hair flicks galore. Then getting sensational on the floor & very sensual on the chair.

Week 5 – Clowning in Burlesque – Guest Teacher – Good Ness Gracious

We’ll be releasing your inner clown in this hour and a half class with the awesome Good Ness Gracious.  Get ready to go wild and express your self through movement and play!

Week 6 – Routine ideas, character & Message

Bring your routine ideas and we’ll be working on what you have so far and how to bring out your character and clarify your routine message.  This is a great class to jump start your routine and get it moving in the right direction.

Week 7 – Life after Luscious

There is a big world out there once you have completed a burlesque course, but which way next?  This class offers advice on developing your online persona, getting to grips with charging a fee and for the adventurous among you how to put on your own show.

Week 8 – Dress rehearsal

We’ll be getting ready for the showcase!  The whole class is dedicated to running your routines with advice from LLL & Trixi Tassels to ensure you truly shine on stage.

If you can’t commit to the full course but would like to join in on some of the classes a drop in rate of £30 per class is available.  Please contact Emily on with the details of classes you would like to attend.

Course Dates and Prices