The Advanced Burlesque Course

The Luscious students have spoken and Little Lady Luscious has listened.  They requested a course to develop their burlesque persona and skills in the safe and fun environment of Luscious Classes.  Join Little Lady Luscious, Trixi Tassels and Pi The Mime on this awesome adventure where your stage persona will grow and soar.

Our classes aren’t limited to Luscious students alone they are open to anyone who has taken a burlesque course and have performed at least once. Through techniques such as fan dancing, floor work and clowning.  Each class has been specifically chosen to enhance and continue your burlesque journey.  With the added bonus of developing a group number with your class mates you are guaranteed to make more friends and experience the Luscious fun we are famous for.

You can book on to our February and May course via paypal.  If you’d like to see what we’ll be doing each week the full course details are below.


February Advance Course Details

Tuesday 5th February – Tuesday 26th March Lounge Studio – Academy Mews Studios, 15 Pratt Mews, Camden, NW1 0AD 7pm – 8:30pm



May Advance Course Details

Saturday 4th May – Saturday 22nd June The Academy Mews Studios, 15 Pratt Mews, London NW1 0AD 11:30am – 1pm



What we’ll be doing

Week 1 – working together as a troupe. 

We’ll work on the choreography of a routine together and how to put together your own group number.

Week 2 – Guest Teacher 

Advanced bumps and grinds with Trixi Tassels

Week 3 – Fan Dancing and fun

We’ll get our feathers out for this one.  Bring a pair of fans or let LLL know if you need to borrow a pair.  We’ll go through basic techniques and put them into a routine.

Week 4 – Floorwork and Chair dancing

Luscious loves to prowl the stage but she also loves a bit of a crawl too.  From getting up and down to playing on a chair in your routine.

Week 5 – Guest Teacher – Pi The Mime

Clowning and burlesque, from Audience participation to letting your inner clown run wild on stage!

Week 6 – Routine ideas, character & your burlesque persona

This week will be spent working on your routine ideas, developing the character needed for your routine and enhancing your burlesque persona.

Week 7 – Message

Developing the message of your routine what is it you want to say and how actions and movements can bring out your message.

Week 8 – Dress rehearsal


If you can’t commit to the full course but would like to join in on some of the classes a drop in rate is available.  Please contact Emily on with the details of classes you would like to attend.