Part II of the Savage Trolley duo is Dolly Trolley.  We took the time to find out what keeps the Trolley rolling …


Why did you start performing?

I think I started performing drag and cabaret as way of expressing my pride in myself, and to encourage others to express every aspect of themselves outwardly, have no shame about themselves, and in fact, to rub who they are in other people’s faces; people love it!

I performed as a child and teenager, mostly dance and musical theatre, but I’ve realised that up until I came out as a gay man (when I was 20, now nearly 4 years ago) my performances and creativity were lacking and incomplete, because I was never able to release myself fully into performances. Instead I held myself back through fear of being clocked as a closeted homosexual (which at the time, I was petrified of) if I did “let go”.

I think back to little 18 year old me, scared of who they knew they were, and would like him to see me now and how magical it is to be able to be yourself in your entirety, with no shame,  with the utmost confidence in yourself and that people will applaud, cheer and scream for you because you showed them who you are in your performance.

That’s all maybe a bit serious. Let’s all now take a moment to remember that I’m a man in a glittery leotard, pretending to sing someone else’s songs and dancing to Shania Twain or the Macarena.

Do you remember your first time on stage? How did that go?

Dolly’s debut was at the end of March this year, at the graduation showcase of Michael Twaits’ drag course (which is 10/10, would recommend to a friend).

It was incredible! Certainly in my top 5 nights of my life EVER.

 I debuted with my 10 minute long Princess Leia act about her renouncement of men because Han Solo is a ******. It involves ballet, lipsync, Kylie Minogue, tap dancing, chairs, thigh high PVC stiletto boots, costume reveals, inflatable men and handstands. Working that act in my first few weeks in cabaret certainly kept me fit, and I had the honour of bringing it to Luscious Cabaret earlier this year.

Of all of your acts, which is your favourite to perform?

This changes all the time, but at the moment my favourite to perform is one of my newer ones  – “Bad Kitty”.

Its full of surprises, features music from Eartha Kitt and the Aristocats, as well as from grime artist Giggs (which the audience don’t expect). My favourite elemnt of it is the references to famous internet cats – and who hasn’t stayed up till 4am watching cat videos before?


What sets you apart from other performers?

Probably the amount that I sweat. I’m known for being high energy (sometimes people say I’m “too much” … but I disagree) but I think I’m also known for my parodies of well known characters and the ways in which I choose to recreate them or re-tell their story from a more “honest” perspective.

What do you think is people’s first impression of you?

People’s impression of muggle me (Ed) is that I’m a “nice boy”. People’ mums LOVE me.

I’ll leave you to make your first impression of Dolly in October if you haven’t gotten one already, but my most common first review from people is “I’m exhausted just from watching.”

What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?

The community. This sounds cheesy but it really is. I’ve been performing cabaret for about 6 months now and have already formed an enormous networks of friends who are the most consistently loving, open, supportive and enthusiastic subset of society which I have had the pleasure of intersecting.

How did you choose your stage name?

MY day job/ muggle job is with an airline and so many people jump to ask: “ooh, are you a trolley dolly” … to which my response is, “sadly not. I work in their offices analysing data”.

So from constantly being asked if I was a trolley dolly, Dolly Trolley was born! And its a name which seems to suits the flavour of ridiculousness and frivolity that I have in my performances.

AND I have much in common with a shopping trolley: can often be found abandoned in car parks at 4am – most commonly upturned and with wheels aloft.

What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?

Life: manage to keep my bedroom tidy for longer than 4 days.

P.S. Please come be #TeamDolly if you like what you see at Luscious! X


Join #TeamDolly this Friday at Luscious Cabaret with another fantastic line up of burlesque and Cabaret!

The Luscious Burlesque Show is tonight and we are just so excited this morning. We’ve already started getting ready, yeah the show doesn’t start until 8pm but we just can’t help ourselves.

In the mean time we’ve been chatting to the stage manager for tonight, Chalkalicious.

You’re going to be stage managing the Luscious Burlesque Show this week, are you excited?

Excited? By a pain in my arse dragging me out of the house, just to help out a bunch of dancers prancing about in their pants? I was more excited by the last time I cleaned out my belly button fluff.

Can you explain, briefly, what a stage manager does and why it’s an important role?

Makes sure shit runs to plan. Prepares the acts, organises them, readies them, cleans up after them, listens to their bollocks, keeps them sober and gets insufficient gratitude. Basically I’m the most important thing in the show.

What do you think you can bring to this role?

Gravitas, efficiency and a sense of fucking proportion.

Traditionally, the stage manager gets a hard time from the host, do you have a plan for dealing with your psychological well-being during the show?

Bring it on, it ain’t nothing compared to the shit I’ve seen in my life. I give as good as I get. Step to me, I dare you.

Your normal burlesque persona is, how can I say, terrifying. Will you be drawing on this persona as you stage manage?

Someone has to maintain order. Have you ever been backstage at a burlesque show? It’s fucking bedlam, like the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sometimes fear and threats of torturous violence are the only way to get through to these so-called fucking ‘artistes’.

You are a luscious graduate, do you have any advice for this set of graduates for their debut?

This is one of the most important moments of your life. You’ve got one chance. Everyone will be staring at you and judging you, so don’t fuck it up. What? Why are you crying?


You can see Chalkalicious in action tonight at the Cavendish Arms. Get your tickets here or pay on the door.

It’s nearly here! The show is tomorrow. We’ve sat down for a chat with the incomparable Stormina Teacup.

She graduated from the Luscious Classes a year ago and now she is back with a new act.

Why did you start performing?

Firstly, there was my love of corsets and bustles. When I realised that burlesque can be very political and empowering I was completely sold. I love costume, singing, dancing, feminism and politics and cabaret is so bonkers and creative – I just love the freedom that I have as a performer.


Of all of your acts, which is your favourite to perform?

I’m hoping it will be my new act, which I’m performing on Thursday. Certainly this is the most ambitious and it’s the one that I feel is most ‘me’. This also means that it is the act I feel most nervous about.


How do you come up with a new act or routine? What does that creative process look like?

I normally start with the music, although sometimes I start with the costume. I love making really ridiculously novel costumes. I have one act where my skirt becomes a bustle, and another where a flag unfurls from under my skirt.  I always end up spending much more time on costume than I do on other parts of my acts. That’s probably not a good thing.


What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?

I don’t even know where to start. I mean, there’s the glitter.

I love that women can present their bodies in any way that feels appropriate to them. As a plus size performer and I love that I have complete power over my body on stage – I feel powerful and inspiring. I have started to realise recently how supportive the industry is. We all help each other and use our skills to support other performers with act development, costuming, emotional support. It’s such a gorgeous family. I feel so proud to work alongside the other amazing women working in Burlesque right now.


What’s your favourite way to relax after a show?



Do you have any hidden talents?

Too many to list here… Seriously, so much talent.


What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?

My new act is a massive challenge for me in literally every part of my performing repertoire. I have made a costume from scratch, put together a complicated audio track, and am pushing myself as a dancer, actor and performer (I don’t really have a background in any of those things). I am excited to see where that takes me.


If you want to see Stormina in action, join us in Thursday night at the Luscious Burlesque Night! Tickets are still available