Only two days to go until we had back to our Great Portland Street home, The Albany.  Today we meet one half of the our duet for the evening, Valerie Savage!   Why did you start performing? It would be absolutely criminal not to be releasing these dumb faces to the general public.   [...]

  Meet Black Country cabaret singer, Beverley Vegas! She is world famous in Dudley. She’s lived a life of ups and downs and is still unsure if she is the ‘winner taking it all’ or the ‘loser standing tall’. You’ll laugh, she’ll cry, we’ll all have a lovely time.  We managed to track her down [...]

Throw Back Thursday!  What better way to keep you warm on this Thursday than reading our Luscious Blog with Gigi Moonshine!  This is from our May show so we can't wait to see how she is getting on and the new act she is bringing to Luscious Cabaret.   Why did you start performing?  In [...]

In today's blog we meet the intriguing Yippee Ikay who is bringing a little special something to our Luscious Cabaret on Friday. She'll be shaking her Jolly Hockeysticks for us, and you can read a little bit more about her in preparation for the show.    Why did you start performing? I come from a [...]

As we're just one short day away from the return of Luscious Cabaret, we couldn't let you miss meeting this charming lady! Bonnie Knockers will be bringing her humour and glamour to the Albany's stage tomorrow night, where she will be starring in her very own period drama! So without further ado...   1. Tell us a [...]

Offering us much needed inspiration to get through the week, today we're having a chat with the riotous Miss Oopsie Ooohh!  She'll be joining us this Friday at Luscious Cabaret to show us that guess what, nobody is perfect - and that's just the way it should be!   1. Tell us a bit about why you decided [...]

We're continuing our performer interview series for this week's Luscious Cabaret with the absolutely delightful Rosie Kohl! You may know her from getting up to no good as part of Gimcrack Productions, but Rosie will also be taking to the stage solo to beguile us all with her signature bellydancing fusion moves...   1. Tell us a bit about [...]

To kick off our interview series for next week's Luscious Cabaret, we've got a special weekend treat for you: first up is none other but the fabulous Paulus, whom you may have already caught performing solo or as part of Nasty Blouse at previous Luscious Cabarets. This time around we are excited to welcome Paulus as [...]

With just a week to go until Luscious Cabaret returns to the Albany on April 7th, we've got some important lineup changes to announce! The world of cabaret is a fickle one sometimes, and things can change just like that - so while we're disappointed that a few of our previously announced performers will no longer [...]