When this application fell into our inbox we got quite hot and bothered while watching the video.  It was both educational and hilarious and an overall perfect fit for Luscious Cabaret.  We are thrilled to have Moon Dragon joining us on Friday 5th July and we think you will be too.  Read on to find out who inspires her and get a sneak peek of what to expect from her act on Friday!

Luscious Cabaret, Moon Dragon, Friday 5th July
How long have you been performing and what inspired you to get started? 
I’ve been performing for a little over a year, but started classes nearly 3 years ago. I’d been interested in burlesque for a while but at that moment in time I needed to do something for me – I’d got a bit lost and I needed a space where I could find myself again. Not only did I find myself but I also found Moon Dragon along the way.
Image of Moon Dragon smiling
What do you love most about performing?
I love the whole process of developing my own concept into a performance so that others can hear my stories.
Who inspires you as a performer?
My burlesque mama is Tempest Rose and I get inspiration from her and a lot of my House of Burlesque family. Outside of the family it has to be the wonderful Trixi Tassels.
What has been your most memorable moment on stage? 
Probably my first performance as a 10 year old playing Widow Twankee in my primary school pantomime. There were so many lines to learn but I loved it.
I’d got a bit lost and I needed a space where I could find myself again
We can’t wait to welcome you to the Luscious Cabaret stage without giving too much away can you tell us a little bit about your act?
‘Changes’ is an act about that time in a woman’s life when it could so easily feel like it’s all falling apart. But is it?? Developed as an educational act for the House of Burlesque Fresh Sex Education Special, this performance combines some of the positives and negatives of menopause, aiming to break the taboo and raise awareness about the topic whilst also delivering a health education message about safer sex.
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After performing her drag stand-up at Luscious Cabaret back in April, Ms Larissa Thorne decided to give burlesque a spin. She went ahead and signed up for the Luscious Burlesque Course and is soo excited to present Raven Divine to cabaret world.  This sexy and sultry minx will be getting you all hot under the collar on Friday night.

Ravine Divine, Luscious Cabaret Friday 5th July

It’s been a joy to teach Raven Divine.  The whole class had shoe envy through out the course.  Seriously when she comes on stage on Friday check out the gorgeous boots that will be on display!  Not only has she been a divine student she is a divine person too.  Read on to find out more …

Have you ever been on stage before?
I’ve performed in drag on the Luscious Cabaret stage, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Comedy Pub and Two Brewers. However, I was fully dressed at the end of those performances. Overdressed even.
Oh, and I was in panto as a teenager. Peter Pan. I was a Lost Boy called Slightly Soiled. It could have been a prediction…

By Day security Manager by Night drag queen and burlesque artisite

Are you excited about getting on to the Luscious Cabaret Stage?
Somewhere between excited and terrified!

How different is your day job from burlesque?
By day I’m a security manager. By night, drag queen and now burlesque artiste. Poles apart! I have been practicing my shimmies at work though.

Larissa Thorne looking at the audience asking for agreementWhat did you enjoy most about the Luscious Burlesque Course?
Little Lady Luscious and Trixi Tassels are so warm and supportive! I feel my creativity has been nurtured. And the other students have been great!

Come along to London’s most welcoming cabaret this Friday and show the lovely Raven Divine some Luscious love with whoops, cheers and plenty foot stamping.

The weather is on the turn once again, but we’re keeping things bright and breezy here at Luscious Cabaret.  We’ve got one glitzy and glamourous line up on March 1st and we can’t wait!  We’ll be keeping you warm and cosy at The Albany Great Portland Street!

Getting us all hot under the collar is Miss Cherry On Fire!

Power Ballads at the ready with Yasmine Day!

Taking a break from the apothecary is Mariposa Bop

Twirling her way on to the Luscious stage is Belle De Beauvoir

Clowning around is the wonderful Christian Brighty

Getting our pulses racing is the delightful Mimi Sugarpill

Causing a stir and and styling it out is the amazing Cerise Rei

And finally the Queen Bee herself Onyx Fatale – Yes we’ve got Miss Burlesque Idol 2018!!

All hosted by TV’s Paulus!!

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It’s time to get to know our Luscious Line Up for Luscious Cabaret – February and here to tell us why it’s a very Luscious Line Up is Little Lady Luscious

“It’s been 10 years since I took my first burlesque class. As that thought occurred to me it was like “I need a full Luscious Line Up to celebrate.” I’ve put together a line up of ex – students who are still performing, Trixi Tassels cos she’s awesome and I love teaching with her and of course Admiral John as he’s been there since the beginning. One of my students has requested I perform a certain act. I’ll let the photo be the clue …”


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We decided to ask our performers a question from why they took the Luscious burlesque course to why they love burlesque and performing at Luscious Cabaret …


Allegra Whispers

Recent graduate and just all round fabulous lady Allegra Whispers has been keeping Little Lady Luscious up to date with what’s happening with kids, so we had to ask her …

Q: What did you enjoy most about taking the Luscious Burlesque course?

A: “I’ve found something that I truly love doing, I’ve gained an immense self confidence, everyone is incredibly supportive and lovely.”


Stormina Teacup

When Stormina Teacup walked into the Luscious Classroom we knew we had one special lady joining the luscious family. It would be rude not to ask her to take part in the ultimate Luscious Line Up.

Q: Not only did you do the course twice but you’ve kept coming back to perform, stage manage and even done a bit of Luscious social media.  What do you enjoy most about “All Things Luscious”

A: “Being part of the Luscious family is huge! This motley
bunch have taught me everything I know, have supported me creatively, emotionally and after a night out, physically.”

#burlyfam #squadgoals #myburlyfamilyisbetterthanyours #jackofalltrades


Donna Divine

When this lady struts you know she is doing it on purpose.  So when LLL wanted to create a duet which incorporated sexiness and LLL’s silliness Donna was the person to ask.  Which is why we asked her …

Q: What have you enjoyed the most about working with Little Lady Luscious?

A: “Little Lady Luscious brings so much fun, love and sense of community to all her shows and productions. Performing with luscious Cabaret always feels like a celebration and Lady Luscious always creates a safe and positive place for her performances.”


Trixi Tassels

Another partner in crime, this time teaching crime.  Trixi and Luscious teamed up last year and have taken the Luscious Burlesque Course to the next level.  So we had to ask …

Q: Why do you love burlesque?

A: “I’ve always been a creative person since I was a child when I enjoyed being on stage with my acting or dancing performances. My mother inspired in me my love of sewing and costuming and I used to have a small business making bespoke corsets in Australia. So I guess what I love the most about burlesque is that it wraps up all of my creative passions in one outlet and allows such a broad range of expression from the purely cheesecake through to raunchy sex-siren, from comedy and satire to deeply political. And the most excellent women and men that we meet through this art-form is definitely key too.”

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After seeing a show this fellow had already joined the Luscious family before taking the Luscious Burlesque Course.  So we had to ask …

Q: Why did you decide to take the Luscious Burlesque Course?

A: “I had a relentlessly sexy vixen trapped inside me, just bursting to get out. After going to a Luscious Cabaret, I knew Emily had the skill and insight to see my inner sultry minx and coax him out with bumps, grinds, and glove peels.”

Admiral John

If you’ve ever been to the Luscious Burlesque Night you would of sung along with Admiral John, he can get even the most unresponsive Londoner singing along to a sea shanty.  Trust us, we once witnessed him getting a tube full of Londoners singing!  So why does he love the Luscious Stage so much?

A: “Everyone joining in and singing sea shanties they have never heard before! It’s all about audience participation!”

Vince Moon

One of our very first Luscious gents.  Himself and Harvey H Hendricks were the first boylesque class Little Lady Luscious ever taught.  We think a few drinks and Little Lady Luscious’ signature “I’m going to hold you to that”  may have something to do with Vince taking the Luscious Burlesque Course all those years ago …

Q: Why did you decide to do the Luscious Burlesque Course?

A: “I decided to do the course because I’d had quite a few gin and tonics, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Unusually, it turned out to still be a good idea once I was sober.”

Bootsy Bonafonté

Now this lady after doing the luscious burlesque course has gone on to entertain across London and beyond with her classic and comedic burlesque style.  We love having her back so we had to ask …

Q: You’ve performed at Luscious Cabaret a few times now from beginner to a seasoned pro what do you love about the Luscious Cabaret atmosphere?

A: “Luscious Cabaret is family to me; it’s where I started out as a burlesque artist. There is always a fun and supportive atmosphere for the performers which I think is so important – we’re here to have fun, right?! Performer or audience member, you’re always guaranteed a great night.”

If you’ve got a taste for “All Things Luscious”  and you want to become part of the Luscious family.  Come along on Friday 1st February to join in all of the Luscious fun from fancy dress to burlesque we’ve got it all!  Book your tickets via the button below …

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As Little Lady Luscious is in New Zealand it occurred to us that it’s been 10 years since she did her first course in burlesque.  To celebrate we’ve decided to put together an all luscious line up for our February show.  Featuring past luscious students and a couple of team luscious favs!  Scroll down to find out more …


He’s been singing his sea shanties at the Luscious Burlesque Night since it all began it’s our Luscious Favourite Admiral John!



Storming her way through the burlesque scene as one of it’s best stage managers.  We’re giving her a bit of tea break this time it’s Stormina Teacup!



One of our very first Luscious Gentlemen it’s the very debonair Vince Moon!



You’ll of met her on the door on many occaisons but on the 1st of Feb we welcome to the Luscious Cabaret stage for the first time Allegra Whispers.


Geeking out to all things fabulous it’s Chalkilicious!


As part of the Delicious Dames the smokin’ Donna Divine returns with Little Lady Luscious


Luscious favourite and co consipritor on the Luscious Burlesque Course it’s Trixi Tassels!

Trixi Tassels 4 - Credit Jorbein Photography

And finally the compere keeping us all in our place it’s the fantabulous Paulus!


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This month Stormina had a sensational time at Vicious Von Vixen’s Vaudeville a weekly show on Tuesday evenings at Central Station in King’s Cross. We strongly recommend you get your Luscious bottoms down there as soon as you can to take in this wonderful spectacle of a show.

There are a few things that make this show feel unique: the mixture of adventurous cabaret newbies and dedicated regulars in the audience make for a very chilled and enjoyable atmosphere; the casts’ walkabout before the show makes you feel welcome and invites you into the Vaudeville family; and the host, Vicious himself, draws you in with a deep-seated confidence and profound sexuality.

The interesting mix of acts made the show feel very well rounded. The sunny mixture of Cherry on Fire’s caravanserai act, a Sun God act by Trash Valentine to Boney M’s Sunny and a Devil of an act from Red Venom seemed highly appropriate on the first nice day of the year. Cherry also performed a classic Jazz number with a series of gratingly slow shimmy’s which perfectly demonstrated the art of tease. Magician duck Juan and his glamorous assistant, Neil Kelso sprinkled some magic over the evening with a series of increasingly impressive card tricks. Additionally, Dickie Dalliance’s Morris Man act and Good Ness Gracious’ infamous Facebook act rounded off a sensational show.

Notes on Stage Management
This week, the resident stage manager, was not a kitten but a very well trained puppy. Not only is Roman Ackley really good at his job, he also is such an integral part of the show with Vicious referring to him at multiple times during the evening.

Stormina’s Top 3 Moments of the Night

3. Being insulted by one of the performers before the show has started. I don’t feel that you are anyone until Trash Valentine has referred to you as stocky to your face.

2. Good Ness Gracious – I can’t pick a singular moment of this performance. I thought for ages of something and for once, Stormina is lost for words. I don’t think there are enough superlatives in the world to describe her or her masterful mixture of talent and charisma.

3. Dickie Dalliance’s bum wiggle in latex pants – Potentially the best bum in burlesque (don’t tell Gracie Disgrace I said that).

Vicious Von Vixen’s Vaudeville is on every week at Central Station in King’s Cross and is free entry.

Ladies and gentlemen, have we got a treat for you today! We are supremely excited to introduce Nasty Blouse, the hilarious(ly glam) duo who will be joining us at The Albany tomorrow. You may think that one half of said duo suspiciously resembles Paul L Martin, a.k.a. Paulus, of former Luscious Cabarets – and you would be correct. Joined by his partner in crime and glitter, Jamie Anderson, the two answer all our burning questions…
1. Where did the idea for Nasty Blouse come from? 
JA: Well, it wasn’t so much of an idea as it was a mandated part of our community service order.  It was either cabaret or scrub graffiti off an underpass in Wood Green.  Some days I’m happier about my choice than others.
PLM: That’s right Jean.  And as I’m sure you’re aware, there’s only so much Cillit Bang a Shellac’d cuticle can take. As I once remarked to Lady Di in Fortnum’s.
2. How do the two of you come up with a new act or routine? Give us some insight to your creative process.

JA:  I have very strict rules around song selection:  1) it must be a song I like. 2) I must be able to sing 80-90% of the notes and 3) there must be a reasonable quality backing track available for free online.  It’s a rigorous process.  Then, once we’ve created a short list, we sit around and drink Tia Maria until we pass out and then the song that we wake up singing is the song we choose.  It’s very similar to how they choose the Pope.

PLM: I would say that the phrase ‘routine’ would be a little misleading to potential audience members. We wouldn’t want to get your Little Lady Luscious in trouble with Trading Standards.

3. Where – or for whom – would you most like to perform one day?

JA: Carol Decker from the band T’Pau.  Mostly so I could ask her wtf China In Your Hands was all about.

PLM:  Simon Cowell. For no money. Only to be told I’m ‘too cabaret’. We can but dream.

4. Tell us about the most embarrassing moment that you’ve had while performing.

JA: I’m essentially immune to embarrassment. Once you’ve done full make-up in a public toilet in Salford then you realise it’s not a useful emotion in a cabaret performer.

PLM:  I think it was the time Victor Spinetti was playing ‘Fagin’ to my ‘Un-named  Orphan who got in his light’. I was very large for an unwanted orphan on gruel.  He touched me on the head. They’d be calling Yewtree if that happened today…

5. Any secret talents that you’ve so far managed to keep hidden?

JA: I try very hard to keep all my talents very public and well-known.  That’s why my Grindr profile is written in ALL CAPS. 

PLM:  Artistic poverty has made me a slave to the Omlette pan, so I’m a dab hand at a cheese n mushroom now.  And I’m learning the Ocarina.

6. What would you be doing with your lives if you weren’t performing?

JA: Making other equally destructive life choices, I suppose.   I once sang for Gazza in a piano bar in Kensington.  I like to think if we’d both made very different life choices, we could have made it work.  They could play Fog On The Tyne as we walked down the aisle. 

PLM:  I wanted to be a window dresser but Mother said there was only room for one cliché in my short life.

7. Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act?

JA:  Like a first date, it’s best to keep expectations low, have had a couple of drinks before it starts and be open to getting felt up in a dark corner before the night is over.  We may also sing songs.

PLM: Two middle-aged men that have no business in leggings.

8. Current TV guilty pleasure?

JA:  I’m watching this amazing new US political series in which a reality TV show host becomes president.  It’s a hilarious satire.

PLM:  Riverdale on Netflix. I’m pretending I’m fifteen again; it’s very liberating.  My bacne has just come in.

Photo credits: Nasty Blouse

If you’re a Luscious fan, you’ll know that before every show, we like to have a little chat with our fabulous performers and see what they get up to – both on stage and off! Today we’re kicking off our latest series by talking to the exquisite Bambi Bang Bang, our favourite singing fling who’ll be enchanting us all next Friday at The Albany!
1. What does a typical show day look like for you?  
Naturally, because I’m the epitome of grace and poise, I spend the day lounging around in a long chiffon dressing gown, drinking champagne on the balcony before a chauffeur collects me in the evening. I definitely don’t spend every waking minute going over the routine, pack in a hurry cause I haven’t left yet and do my make-up on the tube, nope, definitely not!
2. What do you enjoy the most (and least) about being in the spotlight?
I’ve always been a sucker for the spotlight, even when I was younger! My favourite thing about it is working my hardest for the sound of applause which, every performer knows, is the most addictive thing in the world!
3. Do you have any special pre-show rituals?
I don’t really have any pre-show rituals, but I do have a post-show ritual. CAKEY GOODNESS! I had a wonderful lecturer at university that said after every audition you go to, whether you get it or not, you should always reward yourself. So naturally, after every show I do, I will find someway of getting cake into my system. So, if anyone fancies grabbing me some, that’d be great. Triple chocolate fudge with all the icing please!
4. Tell us about the main similarities and differences between “everyday” you and your on-stage persona.
Emma is a slightly introverted kitten who enjoys sitting at home, curled up in her Dr Who blanket, drawing or watching tv in yesterdays makeup. Bambi is a naughty little minx that likes wearing vintage dresses that show off all her womanly curves, and eye make-up so sharp it could kill a man. She enjoys being the centre of attention both on and off stage. 
5. Craziest moment you’ve experienced as a performer?
Craziest moment on stage? Well, I’m a budding burlesque baby and still have the training wheels on my tassels, so the craziest moment I’ve had is a moment that every burlesque girl has to experience as a right of passage into the community. The Nip-slip! It was Burlesque Idol last Summer, I was performing the same routine with these gorgeous diamante pasties.
6. What is your all-time favourite routine you’ve done?
My favourite routine is one that I have yet to perform! I’m booked as an act for a private party that is themed around ‘Planet Earth’. I’m heading back to my jazz singer roots and performing as a sexy David Attenborough! I can’t freaking wait!
7. Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act?
The song! I love this routine but mostly because of the song – I swear, every show I’ve done, I’ve bumped into someone a month later who has always said its been stuck in their head for weeks… be prepared my lovelies, you might want some ear plugs! 
8. Current TV guilty pleasure?
My TV guilty pleasure, and one that I’m watching re-runs of right now, is definitely Cake Boss! I love the social drama and the work that goes into it, the creativity of each piece and the almost artistic beauty of the… oh who am I kidding… I LOVE CAKE!!!
Photo credits: Elena Isaac Photography

We’re still hoovering up all the glitter and feathers from last Friday, but we simply had to take a break to share our amazing line up for the next Luscious Cabaret! We will be back at The Albany on November 4th for a very sparkly Round Two, but until then feast your eyes on our dazzling array of Luscious performers!


Delightfully deranged Lolo Brow will be showcasing her sideshow talents…


Credits: Rich Newnham Photography

Velvet-voiced vixen Vesper Fontaine is ready to delight us all with her exquisite fan dancing…


Credits: Plainview Media

Delectable neo-vaudevillian duo Gimcrack Productions will be taking us back in time…


Credits: Andrew Tottenham

Making their highly anticipated debut will be Gentlemen’s Relish, the newest all male troupe to hit the cabaret scene…


Credits: Plainview Media

Comedy burlesque star Miss Luci Furr is ready to make devout believers of us all… 


Credits: Emma Ronay Bower

And lethal lady Carmen Mon Oxide will be wrapping up the show with her signature operatic bang! 



Of course, the line up wouldn’t be complete without our inimitable compere Michael Twaits, who will once again be supplying the glitter and glam to what promises to be a fabulously Luscious night!


Credits: Eliana Pelaggi

Tickets for the November show are now live on the Luscious website! Book yours here