We’re so excited to launch our new blog spot! On the 3rd Friday of each month we will be publishing a review of a show we’ve seen recently that we have really loved. We thought we’d kick off with a review of this months Luscious Cabaret which was a real treat x

This months Cabaret was truly Luscious, with a terrific line up of amazing talent. Hosted by the fabulous, Michael Twaits, who announced one wonderful act after another.

The superb Gracie Disgrace opened the show with her brand new Michael Jackson act. The audience were also fortunate to have an appearance by the queen of Sing and Fling, Bambi Bang Bang. The incomparable Dolly Trolley performed her gorgeous Angela Twerkel act especially for us. Coco Nobel provided some old school glamour and Sisi Emerald brought the magic with her Harry Potter act. We’ll forgive her for being a Slytherin – although she told me after the show that she is actually a real life Hufflepuff. We also had the stunning Paulus who performed a number of his own original songs with live pianist. Gracie Disgrace closed the show with her signature work-out act – it was enough to make me feel like I needed a drink from all the effort she put in. Luckily, after a brief Disney sing along with Michael Twaits we made it to the bar for a glass of red.

Stormina Teacup’s top 3 moments of Luscious Cabaret November.

3. Michael Twaits singing his infamous West End Musical number, starting with Nicki Minaj’s Superbass – I don’t want to ruin the ending for you – but you need to hear this song!

2. Gracie Disgrace’s lap of honour around the audience to Chariots of Fire. Go on, girl!

1. Bambi Bang Bang’s gorgeous facial expressions during her hilarious act. She sings, she strips, she makes faces – is there anything this showgirl can’t do?

If you’ve ever been to a cabaret of burlesque night, you’ll know that everything there sparkles. From the summit of their feather headdress, to the tips of their polished toes, their sequined props and even their cocktails; cabaret performers are slathered in glitter, crystals and rhinestones. Performers spend as much time attaching tiny crystals and beads to their costumes as they do working on their choreography – and the big question is why??
We’ve compiled our top 3 luscious ways to use glitter in an act…

3. Names in Glitter
Every showgirl needs to consider her (or his) branding, and by writing your name or initials across your costume you’re making a statement about who you are and that you need the whole audience’s undivided attention.

2. Bejewelled underwear
Sparkling crystals draw the eye, need we say more?

1. A Glitter Pour
The controversial glitter pour can be the perfect way to end your act. What’s the point in sensually removing every stitch of clothing if you aren’t going to get dirty after? Covering bare skin in water, milk, champagne or glitter can be effortlessly sexy. This option is unpopular with stage managers and producers as clearing up mess can take a painstakingly long time. If you do use glitter, the chunky glitter is the best and your stage manager will be able to sweep it up with ease. But the glitter pour really encapsulates the spirit of Cabaret – i.e. leaping around the stage covered in glitter.

Remember kids; glitter is a hazard so be safe as you writhe around in your sparkles!

It’s the Admiral!

As the next Luscious Debut Show is next week, we thought we’d repost this blog and give you a chance to rekindle your love for The Admiral.
The current course is coming to an end and the students are getting ready for the show in a week!  The Luscious Burlesque Night doesn’t just showcase our students, since the very start we have had our very own performing Admiral and Luscious Favourite.
Admiral John has been entertaining our Luscious audiences since 2011.
Do you remember the first time you performed at a Luscious Night?
How could I forget it – the opportunity to sing some sea shanties, dress up like Admiral Nelson and play the ukulele  very badly – who could ask for anything more other than doing it all with the LLL students
How did you choose your stage name?
After my long time hero Admiral Nelson
Describe what an average day looks like for you.
Reviewing my catalogue of sea shanties in the morning and working out how they could possibly fit into a Burlesque show.  Having made the selection spend the afternoon working out any necessary changes to the lyrics to help with the integration. Lastly checking the chords to play on the Uke and transposing them to the few chords I am capable of playing and pondering the various props I can create and involve in the act e.g. Kazoo, spinning plates, Electric motors to spin tassels on false boobs, how to work a soldering iron for the switches to get them spinning at the appropriate places in the act.
What do you enjoy most about performing?
When the act goes well being the centre of attention and hearing the laughter and appreciation from the audience who think my mistakes are deliberate
What is the craziest thing that you’ve witnessed at a Burlesque show?
Serious poetry being recited at a Burlesque show – and it worked, it was brilliant.
What is your favourite sea shanty and why?

Donkey Riding – it’s great for audience participation and has it all, the sailors life ” launching timber on the deck” , round the evocative Cape Horn “where your backside is never warm” but mostly for the ladies in every exotic port Valparaíso, Mobile Bay, Timbucktoo and Miramichi. The Donkey Riding Chorus gets everyone joining in and stamping their feet.

Best sea/navy related song (not a sea shanty as such) My Brother Sylvest. It was taught to me by an ex WWII sailor (Sea Boots crew); great lyrics which sound as if they should be rude but you can’t quite put your finger on why.

Describe your performance style in three words.
Hilarious, inclusive (everyone gets to sing) and happy
The next Luscious Burlesque Night is on Thursday 15th June at The Cavendish Arms,
Join us for a night of Burlesque, Feathers, Fun and of Course Sea Shanties.  Bookings via http://littleladyluscious.co.uk/shows/

Still trying to decide on summer plans? Not to worry, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. After a (very successful) first run last year, we’ve decided to bring back our Summer Workshops and give you the chance to develop your performance skills in directions that you may not even imagine. We’re lucky to have some absolutely stellar artists all lined up to teach you everything from bellydancing to fan dancing – it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn top secret trade tips from some of London’s finest established performers.

The workshops will run every Saturday from the 22nd of July to the 26th of August, and good news is that you can book them all right now! We’ve got special discounts as well if you choose to do more than a couple, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Here’s the complete list of workshops, you can find more information about each one in particular here.


22nd July: Bellydance Bumps and Grinds with Rosie Kohl

29th July: Neo Burlesque & Political Burlesque with Lolo Brow

5th August: Floorwork & Audience Interaction with Bettsie Bon Bon

12th August: Fan Dancing with Tempest Rose

19th August: Clowning in Burlesque with Pi the Mime

26th August: Tassel Twirling with Trixi Tassels


We can’t wait to see you all in class this summer! 

It’s only been a week since our last Luscious Cabaret, but we’re so excited about June’s lineup that we just had to share it with you! We’ve got a fantastic mix of Luscious favourites and brand new faces you’ve yet to meet, so we’ll get right down to it!



Making us gasp in wonder and amazement, the supremely skilled Symone!

Photo credits: Peggy Pollock Photography

Luscious alum and boylesque superstar, the incomparable Dickie Dalliance!

Demonstrating the perils and pitfalls of immigration, the hilarious Veronica!

Photo credits: Veronica’s friend!

Helping us time-travel to bygone eras, queen of vintage classic Odelia Opium!

Photo credits: Vintage Rebels

Flying in with gin in hand, the esteemed Lady Lylith DeHaviland!

Photo credits: Tigz Rice Studios

Astounding us all with her exquisite tasseling skills, the gorgeous Trixi Tassels!

Photo credits: Matchless Snapshots

And naturally, no show would be complete without our very own Michael Twaits lighting up the night!

Photo credits: Stephan Burn Photography

Luscious Cabaret returns on Friday, June 2nd at the Albany – you can book your tickets here.

IT’S SHOW DAY! Get yourself down to The Albany tonight if you want to see any or indeed all of the performers we’ve met this week in the blog.
Today the multi-talented and beautiful Leonie Soprano is answering the questions you’ve all been clamouring to ask her – I’m sure.
Why did you start performing? 
I did my degree in Musical Theatre and so had a lot of experience singing and dancing on the stage. The first ever burlesque show I saw was The Kitten Club at Volupte back in 2010 and I immediately knew then that was what I wanted to go and do. The comedy and cleverly choreographed satirical routines performed by a group of women who were a range of shapes and sizes, celebrating their curves and femininity was just amazing to me.
 Do you remember your first time on stage? How did that go?
My first performance was at the end of the Burlesque Performance Course taught by Tempest Rose at Madame Jo Jo’s. Tempest Rose. This was a troupe dance which was Christmas themed and involved a comedy reverse striptease act where I was dressed as a Christmas tree! It was both hilarious and exhilarating and I loved it!
Of all of your acts, which is your favourite to perform?
My favourite act to perform is called Please Don’t Touch me where I sing a duet with Charlie my puppet, and lecture him about how audience members should behave towards burlesque performers. 
What is your biggest asset and your biggest flaw as a performer?
Well my biggest assets are these…..*gestures own chest* and my biggest flaw is that it takes me an age to get ready for an act and so I am really terrible at quick changes and have on several occasions have ended up with an army of performers helping to dress me.
What do you think is people’s first impression of you?
I have an office job in my ‘other life’ so I think I look like a non extraordinary person and definitely one of the ‘norms’. I am quite a down to earth and social person and most of all backstage I pride myself on just being friendly and good mannered.
What’s your favourite thing about cabaret? 
My favourite thing about cabaret is the opportunity to create my own performance, showcasing my best talents and saying whatever I want to say! For so many years I was forever auditioning for parts where I had to fit a particular role or the producers vision, and stand on a stage singing someone else’s words and dancing someone else’s steps. Cabaret is the antithesis of this and allows the performer to create their own act and so market their own ‘product’.
We’ve all had those days when we feel like doing nothing. What motivates you to be productive on a daily basis? 
Yeah, about that erm………. seriously though I do think there are days when it is important to relax and take time to have those days when you can afford to relax and unwind. I would say that I am at my best when under a bit of pressure and when there is a deadline that has to be hit. My motto would always be ‘the show must go on’.
 What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?
I performing I’d like to focus on creating some new acts that are innovative and exciting. My next life goal is to save up for a house and also a few fancy and expensive holidays in the Caribbean.
Leonie Soprano is performing tonight not once but twice on the luscious stage!

Today we’re turning the spotlight away from our performers and onto some of our favourite Luscious Cabaret regulars! If you’ve attended one of our shows in the past few months, you’ve definitely seen the Canty’s around – so we thought this week we’d ask them a few quick questions to get to know them better!
1. How long have you been coming to Luscious Cabaret? How did you first hear about it?
Our first show was in October last year and we had been recommended to it by lots of people including Emily (shameless hussy).
2. What are your memories of the very first show you attended?
How relaxed the atmosphere was and that everyone was having fun!
3. What do you most enjoy about Luscious Cabaret?
You are made to feel part of the family and it is a true party night.
4. Do you have any favourite acts or performers that you’d like to see on stage again?
Always love Michael Twaits, the guys are always fun but really we love them all!
5. You’ve been involved in quite a bit of audience participation during our shows! Would you ever consider taking to the stage yourselves?
We don’t mind looking like idiots but certainly wouldn’t like to inflict us on an audience!
6. What other events or shows do you like going to?
We try to go to cabaret and burlesque shows a couple of times a month.
7. Finally, how would you describe Luscious Cabaret to someone who has never heard of it before?
If you want to have a great time and see great acts amongst really fun and nice people, you can’t do any better than Luscious Cabaret.
Big thanks to the Canty’s and looking forward to seeing them (and all of you!) on April 7th, when we’re back at the Albany!
Photo credits: Stephan Burn Photography

With Luscious Cabaret almost upon us, we are very excited to introduce the next performer in our interview series: the absolutely delightful Trixie Kixx! This House of Burlesque belle will be dazzling us all this Friday when she takes to the stage at The Albany
1. What does a typical show day look like for you?  
I’ll normally start getting ready a good 5 hours before I’ll actually be on stage- hair will need to be washed, blow dried, curled and set in pin curls for the journey, full body exfoliation and preening, full stage make up applied, suitcase packed with all costumes, props, accessories and burlesque miscellaneous and an extra on-the-day rehearsal to make sure I’m ready and raring to go!
2. What do you enjoy the most (and least) about being in the spotlight?
Being in the spotlight makes me feel alive, more than alive really, it’s addictively electrifying and I was hooked aged 2! Hot stage lights on my skin are my most favourite thing in the world and now working in the world of burlesque, I enjoy that I can present a body to audiences of hundreds of people that challenges standards of beauty that we’re fed in mainstream media. If one woman in the audience sees my big, jiggling, dimply bum and thinks, “she loves hers and is having the time of her life, maybe I shouldn’t worry about mine..?” then I am beyond happy. The only thing that I sometimes don’t enjoy is hauling my huge suitcase to and from shows, on and off tubes and trains and through dawdling crowds!
3. Do you have any special pre-show rituals?
I don’t eat much before performing so I probably have more of a post-show ritual of having a right little feast!
4. Tell us about the main similarities and differences between “everyday” you and your on-stage persona.
A similarity would probably be attention to detail. I care an awful lot about everything I do and my life motto is “If you’re going to do something, do it properly.” Whether I’m making a risotto or performing on stage, I have carefully considered everything and a lot of time and love has gone into it to make it the best it can possibly be, for everyone! A difference would probably be my personality. On stage I can project how incredible I feel up there and my sheer joy of entertaining people, off stage I’m rather shy and quite quiet.
5. Craziest moment you’ve experienced as a performer?
Proposing to my girlfriend last year on stage in front of 500+ people! It was on the last night of our House of Burlesque summer season at London Wonderground and the whole cast were in on it. At the end of the show I came out and started what must have looked like another solo act but Gracie Disgrace brought my girlfriend up on stage and I got down on one knee in some handmade lingerie and popped a ring box out from my bra! It’s on my YouTube channel if you want to watch!
6. What is your all-time favourite routine you’ve done?
Ooh that’s a hard one and it will have to be a tie between my Disco Fever act which is SO much fun to perform and I get to wear my discoball bra I made and my Bloody Mary solo on the London Wonderground stage which was a dream come true.
7. Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act?
All the moves and all the curves! As a dancer I bring that into my acts and will give you everything I’ve got!
8. Current TV guilty pleasure?
Absolutely no guilt, Ru Paul’s Drag Race on Netflix. Those queens have creativity coming out their ears and some of the outfits they put together are just too amazing!
Photo credits: Veronica at V’s Anchor Studio

As many of you know by now, Luscious Cabaret returns to The Albany on Friday, March 3rd, as part of a double bill with Jeu Jeu la Foille’s Frontal Lobotomy. Today we’re delving a little deeper into what this hit Edinburgh show is all about…

First of all, we should introduce Jeu Jeu la Foille herself  – this multi-talented performer (she’s trained in physical theatre, voice, puppetry, and clowning) is one of the most established personalities on the UK burlesque and cabaret scene. 

Jeu Jeu la Foille's frontal Labotomy

Frontal Lobotomy is her first solo show, which debuted at the Fringe in 2016 at the Laughing Horse Free Festival to amazing reviews. Featuring one of the most unique topics we’ve encountered in burlesque – the transorbital lobotomy – the show’s surreal and witty narrative is enhanced by Jeu Jeu’s varied skills, such as spoken word, “beatnik” burlesque, and puppetry.

If all of this sounds wonderfully intriguing, don’t miss the chance to book in and see Frontal Lobotomy for free (donations encouraged!) from 7:30pm on March 3rd, and stay for Luscious Cabaret from 8:30pm!