The photos are in from the awesome plainview media from the Luscious Burlesque Night.  If you haven’t seen them, here are a few of our favourites! Our Luscious Ladies                     The Luscious Gents               The Luscious Audience         [...]

Hello.  This week's blog is brought to you with a Luscious Hangover.  The Luscious Hangover is the best kind of hangover as it comes after a fabulous night of burlesque and bubbles!  The students of the Luscious Burlesque Course did an amazing job last night and they all throughly enjoyed the experience.  So much so, [...]

Pi the Mime, photograph courtesy of Plainview Media   Ever wondered who takes all the fabulous photos of our Luscious shows? Wonder no more, for this Friday we are interviewing Matt Lumb, founder of Plainview Media and card-carrying member of Team Luscious. Read on to find out what inspired the name of his company, why he [...]

Happy Friday everyone! Today we’re continuing with our Luscious Gents, and first up is….   Slasher! Slasher surprised me with his request to join the Luscious Classes.  I had not known him long and as soon as the request came in he was signed up and in class.  Over the coming weeks I discovered Slasher [...]

So it’s the one we all have been waiting for… introducing the Luscious Gentlemen!   Two gentlemen asked me to teach them burlesque a few years ago.  I had never taught men before, but I thought why not?  I did a separate class for them as I thought at the time that was the right way [...]

Happy Friday!  Last week we celebrated Miss Hootchy Kootchy’s smile, how La Foile Avril went from duets to solos and how Miss GoodNess Gracious went from Luscious Lady to award winning burlesque performer.  This week as promised we have tales of entertaining the pub locals, fire, cherry blossoms and our very first Luscious Lady. Miss [...]

Today on the Luscious Blog we are celebrating some of our fabulous Luscious Ladies from courses past.  There are so many that we couldn’t possibly give them all credit in one post - so keep an eye out for Part 2! I have had the pleasure of teaching some truly wonderful ladies who through their [...]