After performing her drag stand-up at Luscious Cabaret back in April, Ms Larissa Thorne decided to give burlesque a spin. She went ahead and signed up for the Luscious Burlesque Course and is soo excited to present Raven Divine to cabaret world.  This sexy and sultry minx will be getting you all hot under the collar on Friday night.

Ravine Divine, Luscious Cabaret Friday 5th July

It’s been a joy to teach Raven Divine.  The whole class had shoe envy through out the course.  Seriously when she comes on stage on Friday check out the gorgeous boots that will be on display!  Not only has she been a divine student she is a divine person too.  Read on to find out more …

Have you ever been on stage before?
I’ve performed in drag on the Luscious Cabaret stage, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Comedy Pub and Two Brewers. However, I was fully dressed at the end of those performances. Overdressed even.
Oh, and I was in panto as a teenager. Peter Pan. I was a Lost Boy called Slightly Soiled. It could have been a prediction…

By Day security Manager by Night drag queen and burlesque artisite

Are you excited about getting on to the Luscious Cabaret Stage?
Somewhere between excited and terrified!

How different is your day job from burlesque?
By day I’m a security manager. By night, drag queen and now burlesque artiste. Poles apart! I have been practicing my shimmies at work though.

Larissa Thorne looking at the audience asking for agreementWhat did you enjoy most about the Luscious Burlesque Course?
Little Lady Luscious and Trixi Tassels are so warm and supportive! I feel my creativity has been nurtured. And the other students have been great!

Come along to London’s most welcoming cabaret this Friday and show the lovely Raven Divine some Luscious love with whoops, cheers and plenty foot stamping.

The fate of Brexit maybe in the balance but here at Luscious HQ we are more concerned about leaving the worries of the world behind and having a fun and fabulous night out on the first Friday of the month.  We’ve gone overboard with the fabulous, added a soupçon of comedy and with Paulus away we’ve got the outrageous Carmen Mon Oxide at the helm.  Friday nights are all about the fun so come and join the Friday fun times at Luscious Cabaret on 5th April.  Entertaining you we have …

Ruffling a few feathers it’s the vivacious and flirtatious Trash Valentine!

Bendy to the extreme Miss Suzy Saucepot will leave you hot under the collar.

On the look out for an affluent sugar daddy is the delightful Ms Larissa Thorne

Praying for this Brexit nightmare to end is the multilingual extravaganza Diva Regina

Showing off her marvellous set of lungs is the fabulous  Lacey Noire

The fierce warrior that is Bolly Ditz Dolly will be shimmying her way to the Luscious Stage

Is it She-Ra or is it Ginger spice?  No it’s the rib – tickling Holly Dunn Something

Sending us in to a tailspin is the  very regal Zee Zee Stardust.

Back by popular demand and to show off her new skills its the inimitable Kiki Mellék

Yes we have packed the line up this month!  Tickets are already 50% sold.  If you’re ready to dive in and have an awesome, fun filled, ridiculous and fabulous night out book your tickets via the button below …

It’s time to get to know our Luscious Line Up for Luscious Cabaret – February and here to tell us why it’s a very Luscious Line Up is Little Lady Luscious

“It’s been 10 years since I took my first burlesque class. As that thought occurred to me it was like “I need a full Luscious Line Up to celebrate.” I’ve put together a line up of ex – students who are still performing, Trixi Tassels cos she’s awesome and I love teaching with her and of course Admiral John as he’s been there since the beginning. One of my students has requested I perform a certain act. I’ll let the photo be the clue …”


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We decided to ask our performers a question from why they took the Luscious burlesque course to why they love burlesque and performing at Luscious Cabaret …


Allegra Whispers

Recent graduate and just all round fabulous lady Allegra Whispers has been keeping Little Lady Luscious up to date with what’s happening with kids, so we had to ask her …

Q: What did you enjoy most about taking the Luscious Burlesque course?

A: “I’ve found something that I truly love doing, I’ve gained an immense self confidence, everyone is incredibly supportive and lovely.”


Stormina Teacup

When Stormina Teacup walked into the Luscious Classroom we knew we had one special lady joining the luscious family. It would be rude not to ask her to take part in the ultimate Luscious Line Up.

Q: Not only did you do the course twice but you’ve kept coming back to perform, stage manage and even done a bit of Luscious social media.  What do you enjoy most about “All Things Luscious”

A: “Being part of the Luscious family is huge! This motley
bunch have taught me everything I know, have supported me creatively, emotionally and after a night out, physically.”

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Donna Divine

When this lady struts you know she is doing it on purpose.  So when LLL wanted to create a duet which incorporated sexiness and LLL’s silliness Donna was the person to ask.  Which is why we asked her …

Q: What have you enjoyed the most about working with Little Lady Luscious?

A: “Little Lady Luscious brings so much fun, love and sense of community to all her shows and productions. Performing with luscious Cabaret always feels like a celebration and Lady Luscious always creates a safe and positive place for her performances.”


Trixi Tassels

Another partner in crime, this time teaching crime.  Trixi and Luscious teamed up last year and have taken the Luscious Burlesque Course to the next level.  So we had to ask …

Q: Why do you love burlesque?

A: “I’ve always been a creative person since I was a child when I enjoyed being on stage with my acting or dancing performances. My mother inspired in me my love of sewing and costuming and I used to have a small business making bespoke corsets in Australia. So I guess what I love the most about burlesque is that it wraps up all of my creative passions in one outlet and allows such a broad range of expression from the purely cheesecake through to raunchy sex-siren, from comedy and satire to deeply political. And the most excellent women and men that we meet through this art-form is definitely key too.”

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After seeing a show this fellow had already joined the Luscious family before taking the Luscious Burlesque Course.  So we had to ask …

Q: Why did you decide to take the Luscious Burlesque Course?

A: “I had a relentlessly sexy vixen trapped inside me, just bursting to get out. After going to a Luscious Cabaret, I knew Emily had the skill and insight to see my inner sultry minx and coax him out with bumps, grinds, and glove peels.”

Admiral John

If you’ve ever been to the Luscious Burlesque Night you would of sung along with Admiral John, he can get even the most unresponsive Londoner singing along to a sea shanty.  Trust us, we once witnessed him getting a tube full of Londoners singing!  So why does he love the Luscious Stage so much?

A: “Everyone joining in and singing sea shanties they have never heard before! It’s all about audience participation!”

Vince Moon

One of our very first Luscious gents.  Himself and Harvey H Hendricks were the first boylesque class Little Lady Luscious ever taught.  We think a few drinks and Little Lady Luscious’ signature “I’m going to hold you to that”  may have something to do with Vince taking the Luscious Burlesque Course all those years ago …

Q: Why did you decide to do the Luscious Burlesque Course?

A: “I decided to do the course because I’d had quite a few gin and tonics, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Unusually, it turned out to still be a good idea once I was sober.”

Bootsy Bonafonté

Now this lady after doing the luscious burlesque course has gone on to entertain across London and beyond with her classic and comedic burlesque style.  We love having her back so we had to ask …

Q: You’ve performed at Luscious Cabaret a few times now from beginner to a seasoned pro what do you love about the Luscious Cabaret atmosphere?

A: “Luscious Cabaret is family to me; it’s where I started out as a burlesque artist. There is always a fun and supportive atmosphere for the performers which I think is so important – we’re here to have fun, right?! Performer or audience member, you’re always guaranteed a great night.”

If you’ve got a taste for “All Things Luscious”  and you want to become part of the Luscious family.  Come along on Friday 1st February to join in all of the Luscious fun from fancy dress to burlesque we’ve got it all!  Book your tickets via the button below …

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Only a few more sleeps until Luscious Cabaret heads on back to The Albany for another night of fabulous fun & Cabaret.  Today we meet the gorgeous Frankly Desire …

Tell us a bit about why you decided to start performing.
– I have been performing since I was little at school, but, as I finished my degree I kind of forgot that part of my life and I concentrated my energy on my career. However, I was always feeling that something was missing and I was not sure what was it, until I joined Michael’s Art of Drag Course and I realised performing was the missing part I was searching for. And then I meet Little Lord Luscious during our showcase and I started burlesque and… here I am!

How do the two of you come up with a new act or routine? Give us some insight to your creative process.
– It depends what I am doing. I normally try to find first a theme in order not to be spending hours and hours deciding what to do. I watch and listen everybody around me, looking for inspiration in every corner and then I start trying to join different concepts until I have kind of a line that makes some sense and work over and over on it. I think someone said in the past: ‘Let the muse find you working’ or something like that…

What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?
– Next challenge, Haus of Royalz! they are amazing and next year we will have a quarterly night at RVT. That is my next challenge!

What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?
– The people! Everybody is amazing, not only the cabaret artist that are incredible, but the audience, the workers in the venues, everybody involved in cabaret has something to offer… the people is, for me, the best of cabaret

Where – or for whom – would you most like to perform one day?
– Where? I would love to perform in the colosseum in Rome (I like to dream big!) and for whom, my guilty pleasure are Little Mix, so I would love to perform for them!

Tell us how you’d spend an ideal day off.
– Day off… depending what I am aiming for… but basically a great day for me is going to the V&A and having afternoon tea with some friends while we gossip about everything an try to solve the world with a pint in the hand (did I say tea?!? well… tea with a punch!)

Current TV guilty pleasure?
First dates… that programme is my guilty pleasure, can’t stop watching the people reactions, I even cry with some of the couples when both of them say yes to see each other again…

Any memorable audience members that you’ve encountered throughout your career?
I have a small career… so I can’t not think of someone specific as everybody has been amazing and super attentive every time I have acted.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act?
I hope… a laugh!!

Frankly kisses to you all, xx

If you haven’t got your ticket yet you can book via 

Can’t wait to see you there!

Part II of the Savage Trolley duo is Dolly Trolley.  We took the time to find out what keeps the Trolley rolling …


Why did you start performing?

I think I started performing drag and cabaret as way of expressing my pride in myself, and to encourage others to express every aspect of themselves outwardly, have no shame about themselves, and in fact, to rub who they are in other people’s faces; people love it!

I performed as a child and teenager, mostly dance and musical theatre, but I’ve realised that up until I came out as a gay man (when I was 20, now nearly 4 years ago) my performances and creativity were lacking and incomplete, because I was never able to release myself fully into performances. Instead I held myself back through fear of being clocked as a closeted homosexual (which at the time, I was petrified of) if I did “let go”.

I think back to little 18 year old me, scared of who they knew they were, and would like him to see me now and how magical it is to be able to be yourself in your entirety, with no shame,  with the utmost confidence in yourself and that people will applaud, cheer and scream for you because you showed them who you are in your performance.

That’s all maybe a bit serious. Let’s all now take a moment to remember that I’m a man in a glittery leotard, pretending to sing someone else’s songs and dancing to Shania Twain or the Macarena.

Do you remember your first time on stage? How did that go?

Dolly’s debut was at the end of March this year, at the graduation showcase of Michael Twaits’ drag course (which is 10/10, would recommend to a friend).

It was incredible! Certainly in my top 5 nights of my life EVER.

 I debuted with my 10 minute long Princess Leia act about her renouncement of men because Han Solo is a ******. It involves ballet, lipsync, Kylie Minogue, tap dancing, chairs, thigh high PVC stiletto boots, costume reveals, inflatable men and handstands. Working that act in my first few weeks in cabaret certainly kept me fit, and I had the honour of bringing it to Luscious Cabaret earlier this year.

Of all of your acts, which is your favourite to perform?

This changes all the time, but at the moment my favourite to perform is one of my newer ones  – “Bad Kitty”.

Its full of surprises, features music from Eartha Kitt and the Aristocats, as well as from grime artist Giggs (which the audience don’t expect). My favourite elemnt of it is the references to famous internet cats – and who hasn’t stayed up till 4am watching cat videos before?


What sets you apart from other performers?

Probably the amount that I sweat. I’m known for being high energy (sometimes people say I’m “too much” … but I disagree) but I think I’m also known for my parodies of well known characters and the ways in which I choose to recreate them or re-tell their story from a more “honest” perspective.

What do you think is people’s first impression of you?

People’s impression of muggle me (Ed) is that I’m a “nice boy”. People’ mums LOVE me.

I’ll leave you to make your first impression of Dolly in October if you haven’t gotten one already, but my most common first review from people is “I’m exhausted just from watching.”

What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?

The community. This sounds cheesy but it really is. I’ve been performing cabaret for about 6 months now and have already formed an enormous networks of friends who are the most consistently loving, open, supportive and enthusiastic subset of society which I have had the pleasure of intersecting.

How did you choose your stage name?

MY day job/ muggle job is with an airline and so many people jump to ask: “ooh, are you a trolley dolly” … to which my response is, “sadly not. I work in their offices analysing data”.

So from constantly being asked if I was a trolley dolly, Dolly Trolley was born! And its a name which seems to suits the flavour of ridiculousness and frivolity that I have in my performances.

AND I have much in common with a shopping trolley: can often be found abandoned in car parks at 4am – most commonly upturned and with wheels aloft.

What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?

Life: manage to keep my bedroom tidy for longer than 4 days.

P.S. Please come be #TeamDolly if you like what you see at Luscious! X


Join #TeamDolly this Friday at Luscious Cabaret with another fantastic line up of burlesque and Cabaret!

Saved the best for last? You be the judge. Our final performer interview before tomorrow’s Luscious Cabaret features none other than Boylesque superstar and former Luscious Burlesque alum, Dickie Dalliance! See how far that eight-week course can take you…?


What is your first memory of performing?

Well, my debut was at my Luscious Graduation Show. It was wonderful to perform (solo for the first time ever) in front of so many friends!


Tell us about the best and worst parts of being on stage.

It’s a great feeling to be cheered for taking your clothes off, something I never thought I’d hear! The worst part is never being fully satisfied with my performance, but maybe one day…


Do you have any traditions or rituals on the day of a show?

Not really. But the guys at work always know I have a show from what I’m wearing to the office that day, I enjoy that.


How do you develop a new routine? Tell us a bit about the creative process.

I find it really hard. Inspiration usually comes from a piece of music I’m listening to, but even then it takes me months to work out what I’m going to do!


Whats’s your favourite way to relax after a show?

Before the show I’m too nervous, so after the show I like to get to know the other performers better.


Do you have any secret talents?

I have no secrets 😉


Song you’re currently listening to on repeat?

My track for the show!


Give us a tease about your upcoming act at Luscious Cabaret!

The punters in the front row will get more than they bargained for!


If you want another dose of Dickie Dalliance, join us tomorrow night at Luscious Cabaret! Unreserved seating tickets are still available here