Online Burlesque Classes

Come and have a shimmy with us!

Welcome to Luscious Online Burlesque Classes.  Where the emphasis is on Fun and being Fabulous.  Yes burlesque has roots in sexy and sass but it also has roots in satire and comedy.  Here at Luscious we encourage you to explore your version of burlesque!  Join Little Lady Luscious for 45 mins of fun, being fabulous and dancing about your living room!

Each of the below sessions is £5 alternatively you can book a weekly class pass for *£15!

Monday Morning Shimmies! 8:00am – 8:45am – No Class Monday 3rd August 

Working from home and need motivational boost to get your week going?  Little Lady Luscious has the class for you.  We get to shake it all out and have an all out shimmy fest from classic burlesque music to 2020’s music.  You’ll be shimmying your way to your work station!


Wednesday Wiggles 8am – 8 45am

It’s hump day so what better way to start the day than with some bumps and grinds. We’ll be giving those hips a fun and fabulous workout!


Friday Disco Shimmies! 8am – 8:45am

Let’s get the Friday party started!  Our end of week shimmies class will entail as many disco classics as possible!  Unleash your inner disco diva and waltz into Friday like a boss!


Want to shimmy with us more than three times?  Book 4 sessions for the price of 3 with our class pass for £15!

*Please note: the class pass does not include the Monday Masterclasses

How it works

Once you have booked in we’ll email you with a link to the zoom meeting along with the meeting ID and password.  We recommend downloading the Zoom app before class.

Who will be teaching the class?

Meet Little Lady Luscious, but you can call her Emily in class, as that’s a bit of a tongue twister when you have a question.  She’s been teaching burlesque since 2011, these new online burlesque classes have been tailored to those who want to have a bit of fun and forget the world outside for an hour or just half an hour.
You’re in safe hands, Emily can be a bit silly but she works with each student helping them to bring out their best selves.

What do I need to wear?

Something comfortable and have a pair of heels handy.  Emily will let you know if we’re going to be playing with props!

Online terms and conditions

You are responsible for ensuring the space you undertaken this online class in is suitable and safe.  This includes ensuring the space is a sufficient size to accommodate you moving freely and the space should also be free from obstacles/dangerous items.

We accept no liability for any injuries sustained by those participating in the classes, nor do we accept liability for damage to personal property caused during the dance classes.

By signing up to take part in these online classes, and in being part of our dance community, you agree to adhere to the above terms.

If you’ve got a question about class before you sign up drop us a message!