Luscious Cabaret feedback

Hello, thank you for coming to either a Luscious show or class.  Luscious Cabaret is a one woman organisation. I have an amazing team who work on the shows and guest teachers.  Some are freelance and some donate their time for free which I am most grateful for.  It is often a luxury for me to hire people to help as the profit margins are so low, especially on the monthly show which has made very little over the past three years.  With this unexpected pause to events I have decided to take stock and ask you the audience and you the luscious students for your feedback to help decide how I move forward.  Below are two feedback forms one for the online classes and the other for the shows.  I’d love to hear from you on both subjects.



Luscious Online Classes

Long before lockdown began I had written in a notebook that maybe I should start some online classes.  For the past two weeks I have been running classes Monday – Friday via Zoom.  This week I have begun charging and would like to know if paying is an option for you. I’ve also been in discussions with other performers about guest online workshops and trying to gauge an appropriate way to charge for these sessions.  I’d like to hear from you if there is anything you would like to try.


Luscious Cabaret

For the past few years the show side of Luscious has been struggling.  To be honest it feels when things start to look like they are improving we hit another slump.  The show has quite a few regulars and the feedback on the design my night page is between 4 & 5 stars so clearly we are getting something right.  I would like to pay my performers more and it would be nice to pay myself. Any feedback you can offer on this subject would be most appreciated!

Thank you, and hopefully we will see you at a show or class in the future!  You can take a look at our online class schedule by clicking here