Welcome to our top 10 cabaret moments of 2019!

Well hello there, Little Lady Luscious here! As 2019 draws to a close I’m reflecting upon what an awesome year we have had here at Luscious Cabaret.  This time last year I was unsure if Luscious Cabaret and classes would continue.  In typical Luscious style I pulled up my stockings and dug my heels in, with the help of the awesome Glory Pearl we got to work on turning things around.

When looking back on what I have achieved since setting up Luscious I remembered what it is I love about this fabulous world of cabaret and burlesque. The joy of watching my wonderful students grow and blossom on stage.  Finding a fabulous new act and seeing the audience love that act as much as I did when I first saw it.  As a result of this rediscovery Luscious has had a fantastic year of shows and classes. I have you, our luscious audience, to thank along with the fabulous luscious family who work hard behind the scenes to keep this crazy little cabaret community going.

Here are my top 10 Luscious Cabaret moments of 2019.

10) An opening celebration

The opening of 2019 brought with it the 10 year anniversary of my first performance as Little Miss in New Zealand.  In the February show I brought together my favourite performers, students and of course my Dad Admiral John …

Three pictures on the left bald boylesque performer dressed as rugby player with his hands in his pants. Top Right burlesque performer in a giant teacup with teaspoon. Bottom right singer dress in a an admiral's outfit with a ukulele
Vince Moon, Stormina Teacup and Admiral John

9) The Luscious Burlesque Night

My favourite shows of the year are always the Luscious Burlesque Nights.  It’s wonderful to see our students blossom on stage.  Each show has so many highlights but here’s just a few that stuck out in my mind …

The Tinder act – In the rehearsal on the run up to the show Trixi Tassels and I had no idea what our students had planned.  We were blown away in the rehearsal and the routine on the night  went down an absolute storm and was the perfect way to end the Luscious Burlesque Night.

Pussy in Boots – This photo encapsulates all things luscious, friendship and fun.  All three woman had done the beginners and advance classes together and it was a joy to watch them have fun and embrace each other at the end of their act.  Allegra Whispers and Bella Rose have gone on to create Bella Whispers Cabaret.  Go check them out!

The Burly Babe reveal – In November the burly babe introduced his parents to burlesque but didn’t tell them he’d be in the show.  The Burly photographer caught the moment of his reveal perfectly in this picture.

Shadelicious – A partnership made in heaven.  The gorgeous Kozalicious and the sensual Shade Dean partnered up for a hilarious duet.  This moment captures beautifully the joy of their heist success.

If our beautiful students have inspired you to take a course in burlesque check out our Burlesque Classes & Workshop Page

8) Gigi Vin Rouge

Now this lady gets a special mention as it was this time last year she had attended her first Luscious show and in 2019 she has become a member of the Luscious family (we’re not letting go of you).  You will find her on the door when you come to Luscious Cabaret and propping up the bar after the show. This year she took the beginners and advance burlesque course and smashed both.  Our particular favourite moment was the quote she gave us in her blog.


Read the full Blog Here
Gigi Posing at the end of her routine showing off her body to the crowd

And next year with the beautiful Divina Curves she’ll be taking over Luscious Cabaret!

7) Luscious Cabaret and politics

This isn’t something we normally advertise at Luscious.  I founded Luscious Cabaret and all things luscious as a place to have fun and forget what is going on in the world outside.  But three Luscious Cabaret’s clashed with political moments and well it was rude not too …

Diva Regina and Brexit.  Each scheduled date for brexit saw Diva Regina on our stage, giving her unique take on what the fuck was going on in British politics.


Lolly Jones and Theresa May The announcement we’d all been predicting since she became prime minister. Theresa May decided to step down as leader of the conservative party and on that same day was the June instalment of Luscious Cabaret.  As a result we put it to the vote and you voted for a Theresa May act and Lolly Jones stepped in and gave us all a leaving speech to remember!

6) Lynn Ruth Miller

Inspiration in burlesque comes in many forms.  When Lynn Ruth Miller walked on to the Luscious Cabaret stage she took our audience by storm.  Taking up burlesque in her 70’s she’s still going strong in her 80’s! Following her act almost everyone came up to me to tell me how much they loved her and how she had inspired them.  We are now desperate for a Lynn & Admiral John duo act

5) DJ Tom

Tom has been with Luscious since 2012 (the shy one by the sound desk).  We love this human being and this year they began to keep the party going after Luscious Cabaret.  There has been dance off’s and a lot of lets get ready to rumble! Damn you Tom for knowing my achilles heel!


4) Darth the Disco Dancer

After spending three weeks crystaling my Darth Vader helmet I unleashed it to the world back in October in a disco dancing bonanza.  To say it was fun is an understatement it was the most fun I’d had on stage in a long time and again I re-connected with why I got into the business in the first place.  Thank you for indulging me!


3) Paulus – The Tart with a heart!

Paulus has been a wonderful host this year but not just that, a wonderful and supportive friend.  This picture was taken in May, the whole of team Luscious had had a pretty emotional week and to have this moment on stage and share it with our wonderful audience was very special indeed.  By June Paulus had indeed returned to themselves and no on stage hugs were allowed, but this moment was a lovely one.


2) The revamp of the Fancy Dress Box

We decided to shake up the fancy dress box and as a result we had two absolutely golden moments …

1st Date Kiss – What better way to spend your first date than on the front row at Luscious Cabaret.  This lovely couple were an obvious choice to bring up on stage for the fancy dress competition. Here’s their choice of pose and they did indeed win the prosecco … 

The Benny Hill moment – Paulus pulled Stormina Teacup and myself backstage for an important meeting.  “I want one of you to chase me round the fancy dress box”  I did not hesitate and volunteered.  We now don’t know how to top this moment …

1) The Ooooo moment

Back in July Debbie Delaware walked on to our stage.  In an emotional and beautiful moment they had the audience become their backing singers it was an incredible moment and if we could of had lighters in the air I think we would of done.


So that wraps up 2019.  We hope you have a fabulous break over Christmas and New Year and we can’t wait to see you back at Luscious in 2020!

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Queen Aubrey Jean has been on our radar for a wee while.  We have finally managed to coax her away from her grocery store and educate you all in the ways veganism and aubergines.  We can guarantee you will love this act as much as we did when we first saw it.  Grab your greens and book yourself a ticket to the most welcoming cabaret in town.  Read on to find out how Aubrey came to life and discover her most memorable moment on stage …
Aubrey Jean at Luscious Cabaret Friday 5th July
How long have you been performing and what inspired you to get started? 
I have been performing in am-dram since the age of four. I moved to London to go to dance school and then on to drama school and live amongst the excitement and buzz and artistic world of the city and to pursue a performing career. I was inspired to perform because I was quite a shy introverted chap growing up and this was a way of expressing myself and getting myself out there. Once on stage I caught the acting bug and now I can’t stop! In terms of what inspired me to do drag I love Drag Race, and watched it from season 1. I guess it kind of gave me permission and I saw how fun it could be, and it reminded me of my four year old self who’d dress up like Geri Halliwell and dance on the coffee table for my Grandma whilst she did her crossword in the paper. I’d suppressed him a little and it’s time he came out and made a comeback as something fabulous – voila! Aubrey Jean was born! Performing in Netflix’s ‘The Alienist’ last year as a boy prostitute in feminine clothing also made me think if I can do it on screen the next step is to get on stage and REALLY do it – so I did! With The Art of Drag course. Do it! Best course ever!
What do you love most about performing?
Making people laugh and smile. Best feeling ever. The feeling of being accepted too, that people are genuinely enjoying your performance and interested in your funny little sketch and what you have to say, and the enjoyment you feel in entertaining people and bringing them some joy and happiness. The uplifting buzz it gives you when you’re out there on stage and you catch the sparkle in people’s eyes from their smiling faces and you know you’re on the ice and the audience are right there with you going along for the ride! ‘ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH DEAR FRIENDS!’

Aubrey Jean is the worlds first Vegan Drag Superstar! With a passion for the eggplant and saving the environment one humpback whale at a time

Who inspires you as a performer?
Madonna. I know some people aren’t keen but I love her staying power, she’s intelligent, she’s artistic, her finger is on the pulse. She’s fearless, I love her ‘you say I can’t do it but I’ll do it anyway and succeed’ attitude. And she does. Hyacinth Bucket because she reminds me of my Grandma. My Grandma. Violet Chacki – her aesthetic and her level of drag and insane beauty. Pina Bausch – Tanztheater Wuppertal, Shangela, Courtney Act, The Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, Meryl Streep as Madeleine Ashton in Death Becomes Her.
Picture of Meryl Streep in Death Becomes her
What has been your most memorable moment on stage? 
Probably dancing on a table in a brothel in nothing but ostrich feathers in front of Luke Evans. That was pretty memorable. And it’s when I thought to myself I want to seriously do Drag.
We can’t wait to welcome you to the Luscious Cabaret stage without giving too much away can you tell us a little bit about your act?
Aubrey Jean is the worlds first Vegan Drag Superstar! With a passion for the eggplant and saving the environment one humpback whale at a time, she’s abandoned her Organic Greengrocery store and has wheelbarrowed herself into the heart of London to spread her message of Veganism to the queers all over the world!
So milk your oats and pour yourself a glass of Cinzano, pack your rice cakes and for the love of God don’t forget your nut butter! Aubrey‘s here and she’s ready to party – ITS TIME TO GO VEGAN BITCHEZ!
And book you tickets to Luscious Cabaret this Friday!

Luscious Cabaret this month is going to be a celebration.  In just three weeks we will be returning to The Albany Great Portland Street for our usual blend of Luscious Cabaret and as an added bonus we’ll be showcasing not one but three Luscious Burlesque Students!  They’ve been beavering away for the past 7 weeks learning new skills and preparing their first acts just for you.

We’ll be introducing them to you over the coming weeks.  In the meantime lets meet the rest of our Luscious line up!

Bringing an extra bit of sparkle to your evening will be the very glittery Trixee Sparkle.

Trixee Sparkle Posing in a glittery dress

London’s most colourful drag star it’s LaBelle DuJour

LaBelle DuJour posing infront of a gold glittery background

The Waacking queen of burlesque Lady Perez will be showing off her showgirl side

Lady Perez posing

The cosmic Moon Dragon will take you on a very personal journey.

Moon Dragon posing with the Moon

The queen of the aubergine Aubrey Jean will be educating us in the ways of veganism

Aubrey Jean posing with a aubergine

Introducing us to a US idol it’s the awesome Lady Blue Phoenix

lady blue phoenix posing with a large yellow organza boa

All the way from France we have the excellent Maximiliano, the Mindfarer

maximiliano posing with a card

Paulus, has gone missing the month, I’m sure we’ll find them somewhere.  While we discover where they got to we have the awesome Carmen Mon Oxide hosting London’s most Welcoming Cabaret!

Carmen Mon Oxide with snakes in her hair

So what are you waiting for?  Book your tickets and join in the Cabaret fun on Friday 5th July!


On a jaunt out to see Clocktopus Cabaret with Mr Delicious back in December, Little Lady Luscious spotted the up and coming Olivia Jannesson.  We love an act with a ukulele, I mean who doesn’t, right?  We are looking forward to Olivia sharing  what she has been working on.  It’s sure to bring a smile to your face.  If you’re ready to join in the luscious fun this Friday go ahead and get booking via the link below.

Olivia playing the Ukulele with Luscious Cabaret logo and Friday 7th June at The Albany Great Portland st

Want learn a bit more about the fabulous Olivia then read on for what she does for fun, how she chose her stage name, her love for cabaret and what’s the craziest moment she’s experienced on stage …

When you have a day off, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy the green grass, and the fresh air by the water, doing some yoga and listening to music, spending time with the people I love. Sometimes also just enjoying my own company and exploring, I love a good adventure!

How did you choose your stage name?
Well I guess it’s just my name. I’ve learned to own it.

What’s the craziest moment you’ve experienced as a performer?
That’s a tough one – most of my experiences have been really good and I’ve just loved the thrill!

What do you love most about the cabaret community?
The acceptance and the love that everyone gives, it’s so beautiful and welcoming!

Click here to join us for Friday fun times at Luscious Cabaret!