The Return of Dolly Trolley 

In the Luscious Cabaret vaults (well past blog’s) we found Dolly Trolley’s interview from 2018 for our May the Fourth Themed show.  Two year’s later they’ll be kicking off our May Masterclass season and we can’t wait to strut and shimmy with them!
Completely bonkers, utterly delightful and always at 100mph. Dolly Trolley is a Yorkshire-born firecracker based in London, known for high energy drag-lesque, fierce dance moves and ludicrous comedy parodies. Often found doing lunges in a leopard print leotard, she’s a versatile queen who is full of surprises, and most commonly reviewed: “I’m exhausted just from watching”.
She’s performed burlesque across the UK, Europe and in Australia, placed 2nd in Miss Burlesque UK 2019, hosts one of London’s top drag brunches, is producer of Cabaret Sauvignon, a member of the drag collective Haus of Royalz, and instructor of the online workout phenomenon, Drag Aerobics.
The moment Little Lady Luscious set eyes on Dolly Trolley she knew a Star Wars themed show was needed.  Dolly’s take on Princess Leia is a must see act.  If you haven’t seen it add it to your list.  To find out more and learn a bit more about what makes Dolly Trolley tick read on.
1. Lets get straight to it, Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars, no contest (sorry)
2. What was your inspiration for your may the fourth routine?
I was laid in bed thinking about a new act, and glanced across my bedroom to the light saber I had recently been gifted in a Secret Santa. It spoke to me. It was my only hope.
3. Do you believe in alien life?
Of course. Lets assume that the universe is infinite and that there are an infinite number of planets. We know that for any given planet, there is a nonzero/ positive probability of its conditions being able to sustain life and life existing on it (evidenced by the fact that we exist). An inevitable consequence of this is that it is likely that more life exists beyond us… in fact an infinite number of alien inhabited planets beyond us …. #maths.
4.Your fav star wars character and why?
Jar Jar Binks – for calling people out on being RUDE.
5.What do you enjoy about themed cabaret/burlesque nights?
They’re like extra spin-off episodes, and its fun to contemplate the extra, and slightly naughty things that are going on when the cameras aren’t rolling.
6. Fav star wars film
II: Attack of the Clones. Because Hayden Christensen **drools**
7. Talk us through your costume, did you make it, buy it? if you made it how easy was it/what were the challenges? What inspired you to use this costume.
Its base is a swimming costume, but I made and constructed the rest of the elects (there are MANY) myself with some very botchy crafts skills. My headpiece once broke 5 minutes before going on stage with it – I fixed it with a shoelace.
8.Would you have crawled in your dead tauntauns belly?
Oo no, my costume is white – can’t be getting that dirty!
9. If you could perform at another themed night, what would you like it to be?
I’m also a keen cook in my spare time – Masterchef theme? 
10. Without giving too much away what can we expect from your act?
Princess Leia x 1000, and sticking it to the men who treat us like garbage!
Join us online via Zoom on Monday for one ass kicking fabulous and fun workshop with the legend that is Dolly Trolley!

April’s Luscious Cabaret is going to be tremendous! After Little Lady Luscious was kidnapped by some of her students for their Student Takeover at the beginning of March, she’s back, she’s fierce, and what’s that? Shes even performing!

At this months Cabaret We’ll be seeing; Hoops, Tap, Flutes, Drag, and of course Burlesque. Tickets are selling fast, Early Bird Tickets will be off sale very soon, so get yours quick!

With all that being said, let’s introduce you to our wonderful performers!

Bella Donna Bitters

The Chaotic comedy queen and Art of Drag Graduate, Belladonna Bitters (Psycho Therapist) is here to help with her show “What’s Your Problem?”
Are you as curious as we are to see what it’s all about?




Chlamydia Jones

Knock knock!
Who’s there?

That’s Agent Chlamydia Jones to you and her Mi69 colleagues; Protector, Observer and Outrageously Fabulous (aka P.O.O.F.)

Always surprising, always delightful and definitely one of a kind, our most infectious performer will answer our burning questions:

Is she the most inconspicuous drag queen on the scene?

Where does she hide her weapon?

What’s her favourite “brace yourself” position?

Does she date alongside her crucial job?

How can her lucky dates secure trips to the Bone Zone?…and many more! Expect the unexpected!
Find her on Facebook & Instagram

Kallum Kiray

Kallum is an all singing all flirting bisexual drag king.

He graduated from the Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Art of Drag course last November and has since performed around the London cabaret scene and beyond including; Open Box, Mx Club, Bar Wotever, King of Clubs, Queer Spirit and Art of Drag at the Underbelly. Find him on FacebookInstagram 

Tap About Town

Katie Lewis is a professional broadway style tap dancer who draws her inspiration from iconic musicals and the great legends of stage and screen.

Her unique act Tap About Town offers vaudeville style, glamour and comedy which will be sure to brighten your day!

Find her on Instagram






Kozalicious is a classic burlesque performer who is inspired and influenced by old Hollywood glamour and classic Burlesque from the 1940s & 1950s. A keen musician, she loves to bring her magical Flute to the stage along with lots of glitter, sparkle and cuteness.

Find her on Instagram


Luspinda is a hula hooping showgirl. Inspired by musicals, drag performers and traditional circus, expect show tunes, sass and serious spinning skills!

You can find her on Instagram

Lady May

Statuesque. Burlesque. Glamazon. Some of the longest legs in the business, and some of the most dangerous curves. Tease tutor, body-positive ambassador and workshop producer.
Ranked #9 of UK Most Influential Burlesque Figures of 2018-2019 and #75 Globally!
Here’s her;  Website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter 

Little Lady Luscious

And here she is … The boss, the one who hands out the hugs on the door, our illustrious leader, the eccentric lady of the manor who is always running late and has a very odd obsession with Star Wars.  LLL began life in New Zealand back in 2009 after an affair with a dashing Australian naval officer.  Deciding it was time to do something for her, she whipped her only pair of heels and headed to burlesque class and has not looked back since.  Now running her own burlesque courses (soon to have their 10 year anniversary) and producing the wonderful Luscious Cabaret, you’re in for a real treat this April!

Here’s the Website & her Instagram (yes we’ve allowed her to have her very own profile!)

Stormina Teacup

As always, our wonderful stage manager, Storima Teacup will be there making sure the night runs smoothly, the performers are well and looked after and most importantly keeping Paulus in check!

Find her on Instagram








Your host Paulus, will be back to keep you thoroughly entertained, sing songs, tell you stories (hopefully short stories), talk with you (we promise he will be kind), and ensure you have a fabulous evening like always!

Meet Juliet Peaches Neo-Burlesque artist, drawing inspiration from vintage and contemporary fetish. She oozes confidence with her sultry, and sweet attitude. A former Luscious Burlesque student and performer at Luscious CabaretWe asked Juliet to tell us about her burlesque journey …

I used to share my first ever London home with a girl who was obsessed with 1950s fashion. She introduced me to the world of Burlesque by taking me with her to shows. Being obsessed with fashion, stage costuming and music from a very young age, I was really fascinated at how these things were complementing each other in Burlesque. To tell a story on stage, but most of all I infinitely admired the performers’ confidence.

A few months later, encouraged by my new years’ resolution of trying something completely outside of my comfort zone, I decided to join a short Burlesque course. I enjoyed it so much that I kept going and reached the advanced level, which terminated in my first ever stage performance. 

It immediately felt like a positive and supportive space where I could really bring my ideas to life without fear of judgment or them not being “enough”.

I don’t think I have ever been more terrified in my life as in the moment I was standing backstage waiting to go on. But once the spotlight hit, it was a completely liberating experience. So I started craving more and more!

I decided to keep doing Burlesque side by side with my day to day job but wanted to find another course I could enrol on that would boost my technique a little further. I heard about Luscious Classes through common friends and decided to join – it was the best choice! It immediately felt like a positive and supportive space where I could really bring my ideas to life without fear of judgment or them not being “enough”. It really felt like being part of a family. This is one of the main things I enjoy about Burlesque.

I love how all the performers I met have their own unique way of telling their stories, either through choreography, comedy, drag, or one of the endless styles this art form branches out in.

Every day I feel extremely lucky and grateful for all the new friendships I have made through burlesque, and for being part of such an inclusive community. I love how all the performers I met have their own unique way of telling their stories. Either through choreography, comedy, drag, or one of the endless styles this art form branches out in.

I used to be an extremely shy person, I dreaded other people’s judgment of either my appearance or my creative ideas. I felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin for a large part of my life. Since starting out in Burlesque, I finally found the creative outlet I always felt was missing: having a judgement-free zone where I could express my true self through art suddenly made me aware of how much I was capable of. It has hugely helped in me finally stepping into my power. Even in everyday life. I am not afraid of speaking out when something is wrong anymore, or of making people uncomfortable.

On a lighter note…I am also finally confident enough to go to the beach in my swimsuit without desperately trying to cover up!

My Burlesque journey has taken me to places I would have never imagined. At the end of last year I performed internationally at my first headline gig in Belgium, and at my first Burlesque festival in Glasgow. I love travelling as much as I love performing, and doing it while getting to do what I love at the same time truly feels amazing. Most recently, I have co-founded my own bespoke latex clothing business with my dear friend (and Cabaret stage manager extraordinaire) Felina Bush, The Bushy Peach Latex.

I have truly enjoyed my Burlesque journey so far, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me in 2020!

If Juliet Peaches burlesque journey has inspired you to to begin your own burlesque journey why not try one of our Drop-In sessions or join our next beginners burlesque course.

You can follow Juliet Peaches on Instagram here.

Welcome to our top 10 cabaret moments of 2019!

Well hello there, Little Lady Luscious here! As 2019 draws to a close I’m reflecting upon what an awesome year we have had here at Luscious Cabaret.  This time last year I was unsure if Luscious Cabaret and classes would continue.  In typical Luscious style I pulled up my stockings and dug my heels in, with the help of the awesome Glory Pearl we got to work on turning things around.

When looking back on what I have achieved since setting up Luscious I remembered what it is I love about this fabulous world of cabaret and burlesque. The joy of watching my wonderful students grow and blossom on stage.  Finding a fabulous new act and seeing the audience love that act as much as I did when I first saw it.  As a result of this rediscovery Luscious has had a fantastic year of shows and classes. I have you, our luscious audience, to thank along with the fabulous luscious family who work hard behind the scenes to keep this crazy little cabaret community going.

Here are my top 10 Luscious Cabaret moments of 2019.

10) An opening celebration

The opening of 2019 brought with it the 10 year anniversary of my first performance as Little Miss in New Zealand.  In the February show I brought together my favourite performers, students and of course my Dad Admiral John …

Three pictures on the left bald boylesque performer dressed as rugby player with his hands in his pants. Top Right burlesque performer in a giant teacup with teaspoon. Bottom right singer dress in a an admiral's outfit with a ukulele
Vince Moon, Stormina Teacup and Admiral John

9) The Luscious Burlesque Night

My favourite shows of the year are always the Luscious Burlesque Nights.  It’s wonderful to see our students blossom on stage.  Each show has so many highlights but here’s just a few that stuck out in my mind …

The Tinder act – In the rehearsal on the run up to the show Trixi Tassels and I had no idea what our students had planned.  We were blown away in the rehearsal and the routine on the night  went down an absolute storm and was the perfect way to end the Luscious Burlesque Night.

Pussy in Boots – This photo encapsulates all things luscious, friendship and fun.  All three woman had done the beginners and advance classes together and it was a joy to watch them have fun and embrace each other at the end of their act.  Allegra Whispers and Bella Rose have gone on to create Bella Whispers Cabaret.  Go check them out!

The Burly Babe reveal – In November the burly babe introduced his parents to burlesque but didn’t tell them he’d be in the show.  The Burly photographer caught the moment of his reveal perfectly in this picture.

Shadelicious – A partnership made in heaven.  The gorgeous Kozalicious and the sensual Shade Dean partnered up for a hilarious duet.  This moment captures beautifully the joy of their heist success.

If our beautiful students have inspired you to take a course in burlesque check out our Burlesque Classes & Workshop Page

8) Gigi Vin Rouge

Now this lady gets a special mention as it was this time last year she had attended her first Luscious show and in 2019 she has become a member of the Luscious family (we’re not letting go of you).  You will find her on the door when you come to Luscious Cabaret and propping up the bar after the show. This year she took the beginners and advance burlesque course and smashed both.  Our particular favourite moment was the quote she gave us in her blog.


Read the full Blog Here
Gigi Posing at the end of her routine showing off her body to the crowd

And next year with the beautiful Divina Curves she’ll be taking over Luscious Cabaret!

7) Luscious Cabaret and politics

This isn’t something we normally advertise at Luscious.  I founded Luscious Cabaret and all things luscious as a place to have fun and forget what is going on in the world outside.  But three Luscious Cabaret’s clashed with political moments and well it was rude not too …

Diva Regina and Brexit.  Each scheduled date for brexit saw Diva Regina on our stage, giving her unique take on what the fuck was going on in British politics.


Lolly Jones and Theresa May The announcement we’d all been predicting since she became prime minister. Theresa May decided to step down as leader of the conservative party and on that same day was the June instalment of Luscious Cabaret.  As a result we put it to the vote and you voted for a Theresa May act and Lolly Jones stepped in and gave us all a leaving speech to remember!

6) Lynn Ruth Miller

Inspiration in burlesque comes in many forms.  When Lynn Ruth Miller walked on to the Luscious Cabaret stage she took our audience by storm.  Taking up burlesque in her 70’s she’s still going strong in her 80’s! Following her act almost everyone came up to me to tell me how much they loved her and how she had inspired them.  We are now desperate for a Lynn & Admiral John duo act

5) DJ Tom

Tom has been with Luscious since 2012 (the shy one by the sound desk).  We love this human being and this year they began to keep the party going after Luscious Cabaret.  There has been dance off’s and a lot of lets get ready to rumble! Damn you Tom for knowing my achilles heel!


4) Darth the Disco Dancer

After spending three weeks crystaling my Darth Vader helmet I unleashed it to the world back in October in a disco dancing bonanza.  To say it was fun is an understatement it was the most fun I’d had on stage in a long time and again I re-connected with why I got into the business in the first place.  Thank you for indulging me!


3) Paulus – The Tart with a heart!

Paulus has been a wonderful host this year but not just that, a wonderful and supportive friend.  This picture was taken in May, the whole of team Luscious had had a pretty emotional week and to have this moment on stage and share it with our wonderful audience was very special indeed.  By June Paulus had indeed returned to themselves and no on stage hugs were allowed, but this moment was a lovely one.


2) The revamp of the Fancy Dress Box

We decided to shake up the fancy dress box and as a result we had two absolutely golden moments …

1st Date Kiss – What better way to spend your first date than on the front row at Luscious Cabaret.  This lovely couple were an obvious choice to bring up on stage for the fancy dress competition. Here’s their choice of pose and they did indeed win the prosecco … 

The Benny Hill moment – Paulus pulled Stormina Teacup and myself backstage for an important meeting.  “I want one of you to chase me round the fancy dress box”  I did not hesitate and volunteered.  We now don’t know how to top this moment …

1) The Ooooo moment

Back in July Debbie Delaware walked on to our stage.  In an emotional and beautiful moment they had the audience become their backing singers it was an incredible moment and if we could of had lighters in the air I think we would of done.


So that wraps up 2019.  We hope you have a fabulous break over Christmas and New Year and we can’t wait to see you back at Luscious in 2020!

If you want to keep up to date with all of our upcoming shows and courses in 2020 why not join our mailing list.  You’ll also get a cheeky wee discount code for Luscious Cabaret!

Allegra Whispers account of how she came to join Luscious classes and how she continues to grow and flourish has truly humbled us here at Luscious HQ.  Get yourself a brew and enjoy this beautiful journey through burlesque.

Allegra whispers: A woman with dark shaved hair wearing a fringed bra and wolf costume

I signed up to Luscious Burlesque Beginners course in 2018. It has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. In all honesty, I got out of a toxic, abusive relationship a few years back and since then its been a journey to find myself and my confidence again. It left me feeling lost, alone, and with a lot of emotional baggage as well as an incredible amount of self-doubt, and a lot of issues with myself. 

Emily and Trixi really invest in each individual and you can clearly see Burlesque is their passion

However, getting out of it also left me with an exciting notion that I could do what I want, and an immense sense of freedom. I remember one-day thinking, I needed to find a creative outlet but also something to empower my femininity and sexuality. I happened to stumble across the Luscious Cabaret site and signed up to it on a whim and very last minute. Because why not?

Allegra Whispers with hands in the air shouting YES

Going into it I was very nervous, but Emily and Trixi were such inspirational women who really helped with every single silly question I had. The group was lovely, and I’ve made really great friends from it. 

There were some classes which I missed and thought to just give up on the whole thing, but seeing and experiencing how welcoming Emily, Trixi, and the rest of the class were just inspired me to see it through and carry on!

Since doing the Beginner and Advanced course I’ve performed in many cabarets, even a festival in Barcelona!

What I love about Luscious Cabaret itself and the courses is that it is, without a doubt, the most welcoming and accepting cabaret I have ever been to. Emily and Trixi really invest in each individual and you can clearly see Burlesque is their passion. They really care about teaching it and are always excited to help you. 

Since doing the Beginner and Advanced course I’ve performed in many cabarets, even a festival in Barcelona!  I teamed up with Bella Rose to produce the Luscious Take Over and it has been so exciting, as well as a  lot of admin, which Bella Rose has helped an incredible amount with. It has shown me a different side to burlesque which I’d like to continue to pursue. 

two women smiling. One in a red dress with flower in her blonde hair and the other in black with a shaved head. With the words Allegra Whispers (woman in black) & Bella Rose (the woman in red) takeover Luscious Cabaret Friday 2nd August at The Albany Great Portland St

Its been a year and a few months since my Burlesque Debut and I’m still very much learning a lot but I know that Luscious Cabaret will always be there to support me, and more importantly have unknowingly been a very important factor in my life, helping me become me again! 

Begin your own burlesque journey like Allegra Whispers by signing up to the next Luscious Burlesque Course which shall begin on Monday 16th September at the Academy Mews Studios in Camden.  Bookings can be made via our Beginners Burlesque Page Here


As you may of seen Little Lady Luscious has handed over the reigns of Luscious Cabaret to two of her recent advance burlesque graduates Bella Rose & Allegra Whispers.  Every student’s burlesque journey is different so we asked them to tell us about theirs and whoa were we blown away by their stories.  We begin with Bella Rose …

Woman sat on chair holding a top hat over her head.  Wear black gloves and black underwear with black fringing.  Picture is in black and white

My first introduction to the world of Cabaret was pretty epic, as it was when I went to watch the Moulin Rouge. The lead dancer at the time had been taught by my Gran who runs her own dance school, so my family and I were lucky enough to go to Paris to watch her in all her showgirl glory. As an awkward 12-year-old I remember initially feeling a bit embarrassed about the number of boobs on show, but I soon got over this and became totally mesmerised by the costumes, showmanship and glamour.

I booked the burlesque beginners course at Luscious Cabaret before I could change my mind and can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Fast forward a few years and I was sitting in a bar with fellow performer, Bootsy Bonafonte, who was my dance school buddy growing up. She was telling me how she’d started taking burlesque lessons with someone called Little Lady Luscious and that she thought I would really love it too. I remember thinking how awesome this was, but that there wasn’t a chance in hell I could be brave enough to put myself out there like that. A few months later I watched her perform at the Luscious Cabaret and was so incredibly proud of how she owned the stage and her body that I nearly signed up to the course there and then. Sadly, the next day I was dancing round my bedroom in my underwear (as you do), caught a glimpse of my body in the mirror and thought ‘who the hell would want to see that?’, so this idea was pushed firmly out of my mind.


The turning point for me was getting married… random timing I know! As a self-confessed organisation freak, I’d spent months planning every detail of our wedding so knew I was going to have to get a hobby to fill the ‘wedmin’ void. After a few whatsapps to Bootsy from my honeymoon lounger, I booked the burlesque beginners course at Luscious Cabaret before I could change my mind and can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Woman with blonde hair posing with arm above her head wearing only nipple tassels and large pants

I remember my first lesson like it was yesterday. Donning bright lipstick, a polka dot head scarf and red Jimmy Choos (my wedding shoes), I rocked up to Academy Mews Studio having no idea what to expect. I was then greeted by Emily – AKA Little Lady Luscious – who was so incredibly welcoming and lovely, then I was strutting around the studio like Beyoncé before I knew it, wondering why I hadn’t done this sooner. Over the next few weeks I learned the basics of burlesque, created a stage name (after a drunken brainstorm with my husband) and a routine that I would soon be performing in front of a live audience. As a small-boobed, big-bummed girl I was incredibly self-conscious about my body and had no intentions of doing a full strip, maybe a sexy dance at best. However, after some encouraging words from LLL, a bit of Dutch courage and an incredibly supportive audience, I found myself standing in front of a cheering crowd, sporting red star nipple tassels (and not much else), feeling more alive and fabulous than I had ever felt before.

I feel proud of what I’ve achieved and think to myself,

‘wow you really owned it then.’

My first performance was in November 2017 and I haven’t really stopped since. After taking more lessons, including the Luscious Cabaret Advanced course earlier this year, I’m now performing regularly across London and have been chosen to perform in both the Bristol and Glasgow Burlesque Festivals, which I’m super excited about.


For me burlesque is not just about the buzz of performing, it’s about being part of an amazing community and empowering others to feel good about themselves. I’ve met some incredibly inspiring people, made some awesome friends and generally feel so lucky to be part of something so inclusive, creative and special.


It’s also really helped me with my body confidence. I used to genuinely hate my bum but have been told by a lot of people it’s one of my best assets on stage, so have learnt to embrace it, along with my other imperfections. Likewise, I look at photos from past shoots and shows and instead of immediately picking faults, I feel proud of what I’ve achieved and think to myself, ‘wow you really owned it then.’

Bella Rose with her bum to camera and hands above her head running her fingers through her hair

My latest adventure is co-producing the next Luscious Cabaret with my burlesque sister Allegra Whispers. We’ve cast some of the best up-and-coming burlesque and cabaret performers across London and have had a lot of fun along the way. The show is on Friday 2ndAugust at The Albany, Great Portland Street and tickets are only £5 if booked in advance.

Bella Rose dressed in Red and Allegra Whispers dressed in black sat on a bar with the words Luscious Cabaret Friday 2nd August across it

So, to wrap up, if anyone is thinking about giving burlesque a go… DO IT!! It’s genuinely the best thing I’ve ever done, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.  Also, come to our show… it’s going to be awesome 😉x

Bella Rose posing with one arm in the air holding a cowboy and hat.  One hand on hip, wearing red pants and red nipple tassels

If Bella Rose has inspired you to give burlesque a go, head on over to our burlesque beginners burlesque page …



On September 15th 2017 Frankly Desire recommended the Luscious Burlesque Course to “Everyone” below is the original blog sharing all of the fun …
The Luscious Burlesque course has been going for longer than Little Lady Luscious cares to admit to, but she is always pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the students and the acts that they create. So whether you are a seasoned professional dancer, an enthusiastic cabaret lover, a complete beginner with no idea of what burlesque is (!), or a total lay person who would like to develop their confidence through a fun and low pressure dance class – this course is probably for you. Today we meet incomparable Frankly Desire!

Why did you decide to do the Luscious Burlesque course?

Burlesque is something that always was in the back of my mind and I never had the dare to do, that is why when my friend Momo said she was joining the course I quickly jumped in!

 Describe the course in 3 words.
 Fun, fun, fun… for real!
What did you learn from doing the course?
 There is more in burlesque than taking clothes off and to enjoy and love my body as it is.
Well… lets say I am more cheeky now than before…
What was the best thing about it?
Apart from the amazing Emily that helped us every step of the way, the people I met during the course is the best thing, being all of us from different backgrounds is an amazing experience to learn and discover burlesque through someonelse’s eyes.
Tell us about the first time you performed. How did you feel?
I felt like a turkey the day before thanksgiving! But thanks to everyone there, the feeling ended up being like an astronaut watching down to earth. Unbelievable amazing!!!!!!
Have you performed since the luscious debut show?
I have performed with some friends in a show but it was not really burlesque, although I was taking my clothes off. Being on the course helped me a lot for that performance as I was feeling more confident with myself and I think that translated on my performance.
Who would you recommend the course to?
Do you use any of the skills you learned in every day life?
Well… lets say I am more cheeky now than before…
If you think the course sounds like it might be for you, for more info on the burlesque fun click here! or book your space via the button below.
The new course starts on 16th September – we can’t wait to see you there xx
You bring yourself and we’ll provide the feathers!

September Course Details

Monday 16th September - Monday 4th November. The Academy Mews Studios, 15 Pratt Mews, London NW1 0AD 7:00pm – 8:30pm



When this application fell into our inbox we got quite hot and bothered while watching the video.  It was both educational and hilarious and an overall perfect fit for Luscious Cabaret.  We are thrilled to have Moon Dragon joining us on Friday 5th July and we think you will be too.  Read on to find out who inspires her and get a sneak peek of what to expect from her act on Friday!

Luscious Cabaret, Moon Dragon, Friday 5th July
How long have you been performing and what inspired you to get started? 
I’ve been performing for a little over a year, but started classes nearly 3 years ago. I’d been interested in burlesque for a while but at that moment in time I needed to do something for me – I’d got a bit lost and I needed a space where I could find myself again. Not only did I find myself but I also found Moon Dragon along the way.
Image of Moon Dragon smiling
What do you love most about performing?
I love the whole process of developing my own concept into a performance so that others can hear my stories.
Who inspires you as a performer?
My burlesque mama is Tempest Rose and I get inspiration from her and a lot of my House of Burlesque family. Outside of the family it has to be the wonderful Trixi Tassels.
What has been your most memorable moment on stage? 
Probably my first performance as a 10 year old playing Widow Twankee in my primary school pantomime. There were so many lines to learn but I loved it.
I’d got a bit lost and I needed a space where I could find myself again
We can’t wait to welcome you to the Luscious Cabaret stage without giving too much away can you tell us a little bit about your act?
‘Changes’ is an act about that time in a woman’s life when it could so easily feel like it’s all falling apart. But is it?? Developed as an educational act for the House of Burlesque Fresh Sex Education Special, this performance combines some of the positives and negatives of menopause, aiming to break the taboo and raise awareness about the topic whilst also delivering a health education message about safer sex.
Are you now inspired to join us on Friday for the Luscious fun times at The Albany Great Portland St?  Book your tickets here for London’s most welcoming cabaret!

Now this is one Lady we have been trying to get to the Luscious Cabaret since around 2017!  And she won’t be alone, she will be joined by Honest John.  This is both an inspiring and uplifting piece of cabaret and we can’t wait to bring it to you our Luscious audience …

Luscious Cabaret, Lady Blue Phoenix, Friday 5th July


How long have you been performing and what inspired you to get started? 
I have been performing now for 3 years. I have to say that I was at first inspired by a show I saw in my local area of Southend on sea, but was further inspired by Violet Blaze when she was a guest judge at Burlesque Idol. Her confidence and presence wowed me and just overall made me realise that everyone no matter what is beautiful. I went to a few more shows and overall what hooked me was how unique and individual the performers where in the industry and how there were accepted. 
What do you love most about performing?
Being able to tell a mini story that tells the audience a bit about me. Each time I perform I feel as though I am showing the audience the world through my eyes and they get to gain a perspective that they might not be familiar with. That with each foot step, reveal, or facial expression I connect to them and they to me and get to understand more about the world as I see it. 

Her confidence and presence wowed me and just overall made me realise that everyone no matter what is beautiful.

Who inspires you as a performer?
I have a few people who inspire me. Rubyyy Jones for their fierceness, mentor ship, friendship and sisterhood  and her acts make you think and challenge the audience views on lots of things. L’amour Le Monde for her stunning drag acts and her journey with burlesque that she tells with her burlesque act breath of life. Onyx Fatale for her acts that blend comedy and dance together and those that are just amazing hip hop dances that are out of this world. 
I feel as though I am showing the audience the world through my eyes
What has been your most memorable moment on stage?
Prior to burlesque I hadn’t really done anything on stage, but my most memorable time on stage would be the moment I actually had my first violin solo. I was scared, but when I got over that fear and played it was such an exhilarating experience for me.I honestly used to be scared to go on stage, but this moment helped me get over this fear and burlesque has just helped me even more by building my confidence on and off stage. 
Lady Blue Phoenix and Honest John
We can’t wait to welcome you to the Luscious Cabaret stage without giving too much away can you tell us a little bit about your act?
Columbia is a double act that presents a scathing political satire of the current state of the USA.  
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