We’ve been teaching boylesque here at Luscious since 2013.  Our boylesquers have gone on to win awards across Europe and here in London (Pride’s Got Talent Cabaret 2019 winner Frankly Desire).

If you’re looking for a fun and non-judgemental way to love the skin you’re in, Luscious classes are the place for you.  Little Lady Luscious and Trixi Tassels create a fun and supportive atmosphere in class where you can discover your burlesque alter ego.  Learn to let go of your inhibitions, make friends, walk with confidence and have some fun with us.  You’ll be bumping and grinding, walking and posing, shimmying and rocking the iconic tassel twirl (yes men can tassel twirl too!) The course is over an 8 week period and by the end of it, you’ll be ready to unleash your burlesque alter ego on stage!

We strongly believe burlesque is for everyone, which is why all of our classes are mixed and LGBtQ+ friendly.  Some of graduates have gone on to perform draglesque, queerlesque as well as boylesque.

Course Dates:

All classes are held at The Academy Mews Studio in Camden – 15 Pratt Mews, NW1 0AD

February 2020 – Wednesday 5th February – Wednesday 25th March – 7pm – 8:30pm


Contact Emily on if you would like to pay for the course in instalments.

What previous boylesque students have said about the course …

Chalkilicious – Burlesque Idol Southampton winner 2016

Man with arms out, eyes closed, on stage

“I had a relentlessly sexy vixen trapped inside me, just bursting to get out. After going to a Luscious Cabaret, I knew LLL had the skill and insight to see my inner sultry minx and  coax him out with bumps, grinds, and glove peels”


Dickie Dalliance – Croatia Burlesque & Cabaret Festival – Boylesque winner 2017 & Dublin Burlesque Festival Best Newcomer award 2017

Man; Wide eyed, holding moustache hair

“The classes are fun, friendly and relaxed. The pace of learning is perfect for students of all abilities and the variety Little Lady Luscious includes ensures you are constantly entertained”

Vince Moon – The Croatia Burlesque & Cabaret Festival Boylesque winner 2019

Man posing on stage holding beam


“I decided to do the course because I’d had quite a few gin and tonics, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Unusually, it turned out to still be a good idea once I was sober.”

Frankly Desire – Pride’s Got Talent Cabaret winner 2019

Drag Queen posing gleefully on stage

“Well…let’s say I am more cheeky now than before…”

For more information on the beginner’s course and its structure click here

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