As Little Lady Luscious is in New Zealand it occurred to us that it’s been 10 years since she did her first course in burlesque.  To celebrate we’ve decided to put together an all luscious line up for our February show.  Featuring past luscious students and a couple of team luscious favs!  Scroll down to find out more …


He’s been singing his sea shanties at the Luscious Burlesque Night since it all began it’s our Luscious Favourite Admiral John!



Storming her way through the burlesque scene as one of it’s best stage managers.  We’re giving her a bit of tea break this time it’s Stormina Teacup!



One of our very first Luscious Gentlemen it’s the very debonair Vince Moon!



You’ll of met her on the door on many occaisons but on the 1st of Feb we welcome to the Luscious Cabaret stage for the first time Allegra Whispers.


Geeking out to all things fabulous it’s Chalkilicious!


As part of the Delicious Dames the smokin’ Donna Divine returns with Little Lady Luscious


Luscious favourite and co consipritor on the Luscious Burlesque Course it’s Trixi Tassels!

Trixi Tassels 4 - Credit Jorbein Photography

And finally the compere keeping us all in our place it’s the fantabulous Paulus!


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Happy Halloween to you all! Now instead of asking a Halloween related question of our cast this month, Little Lady Luscious decided to ask them why they started performing.  Here’s what they had to say …


Betty Bootay


“I have always loved to dance and whilst I was living in Japan I realised how much I loved to perform too (during my endless hours of karaoke!). I love the way that burlesque can be anything you want it to be whilst allowing you to be confident with your body no matter your shape or size.”



The Topless Tappers – Bootsy Bonafonté & Storm Hooper

The Topless Tappers


Bootsy started performing burlesque because Little Lady Luscious seduced her with her Luscious ways, whilst Storm Hooper was busy hooping her way across the planet. The Cabaret Gods brought the two of them together, they had no choice 😊



Good Ness Gracious



I have been a performer ever since I put on a pair of Angel wings for the nursery nativity and dropped baby Jesus. The reason I have continued to perform is because I love to make people laugh. I hope I manage it.


Carmen Mon Oxide

Carmen Mon Oxide - Bench Field 009

I started performing professionally while I was away travelling in Australia. I couldn’t find a job so I started singing on the street and making a few quid. Then I did get a job. In a call centre. I was the worst. I drank so much tea that I needed to go to the toilet as much as possible and called the people that I knew wouldn’t answer the phone. My supervisor was so rude to me (for being so bad) that I just decided to quit there and then. I shouted to the whole room ‘I’m leaving to become a singer!’, and I did. I’ve never looked back!
Lady Lylith De Havland
Because I love making people laugh it’s good for the soul
Vul Varine
Cos I have too much to say!
Join us on Friday for all of the Luscious fun and to recover from the Halloween hangover!  Book your tickets via the button below ….
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Only one week to go until we return to our beloved Albany for more cabaret fun and silliness.  We have an absolutely fabulous line up ready to entertain and amaze you!

This month we have …

Clown and Burlesque goddess Good Ness Gracious 

Mystical & Mysterious Gimcrack Productions

The Veritable Vixen Vul Varine

Landing with Gin in hand Lady Lylith DeHaviland

Recovering from the night before it’s Betty Bootay

Dinona Pussay is on her way to cause some distraction

The Topless Tappers Storm Hooper & Bootsy Bonafonté are going to through more than just shapes on the stage.

All hosted by the legend Carmen Mon Oxide!

We’ll have the fancy dress box out, so come along, say hi and support these up and coming artists!  Book your tickets via the design my night button below …

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Private & Confidential

This Thursday we return to Privée of Knightsbridge with a new show and a fabulous rotation of acts.  Taking inspiration from the 40’s & 50’s film noir era, we have an exciting rotation of  12 performers to ensure every show will be different.  Here’s just a few of their mugshots to give you a taste of what’s to come … Mugshot board

We’ve got a short film, a private detective’s desk for photos, delicious dames, sultry singers, bold burlesque & ingenious circus acts.  We cannot wait to get started.  Book your tickets via Design My Night for a fabulous evening of cabaret!

Luscious Cabaret at The Albany

Our residency at The Albany Great Portland St continues.  Next month we have yet another corker of a line up for you.  We love this show each becomes more bonkers than the next!  Last month we had Paulus begging an audience member to spit on him, sultry burlesque, flight attendants, make up malfunctions and much more.  What will happen this month, let’s see who’s performing …

Burlesque sensation Trixee Sparkle

Glamazon Lady May

Delightful Drag with Aura Jay

The time traveler of Burlesque Odelia Opium

Dicing with being deported singer Diva Regina

Back for another round is Bella Rose

Up and coming starlet (and delicious dame in Private & Confidential) Donna Divine

All hosted by the rather FAB-U-LOUS Paulus!!

Well this line up does look rather gorgeous.  Again you can book your tickets through Design My Night.  Drop us an email if you’d like a cheeky 20% discount on your tickets.



We’re Getting excited for Luscious Cabaret – it’s less than one week to go! So with that in mind we learn a little bit more about this month’s luscious performers.

We’ve asked them where – or for whom – they would most like to perform one day? Here’s what they said…

The ultimate drag star – Dolly Trolley

“If we dare to dream, the pyramid stage at Glastonbury would be my pick…with 30 backing dancers in shopping trolleys. I’ve loved going to festivals since I was a teenager and enormous stages with tons of productions and sprawling crowds make me go weak at the knees. And if I could pick Lady Gaga and Tom Daley to be in the audience too, then they would be the juiciest cherries on top of the cake.”
The boss herself – Little Lady Luscious
I think the obvious answer is ballet dancing Darth Vader at the Royal Albert Hall.  The tiniest Darth Vader in that epic venue would be amazing!
Character Comedian – Gemma Layton
“I would most like to perform either with the League of Gentlemen or in front of Rick Astley (the latter purely as a way to dazzle him and seduce him).”
Burlesque Beauty – Ruby Panther
“I’d really like to go back to the strange little hotel I first saw a burlesque competition in, to bring things full circle and maybe even inspire someone else to get involved in this wonderful world.”
The gorgeous – Purrsia Kitt
Picture: Carl Manners
“I would love to perform somewhere on Broadway someday if the right opportunity came along.”
And our new Compere beyond Compare Paulus!
Picture: James Millar

“As many of you know, Bette Midler is my spirit animal, so I’d like to perform one day in a bath-house/sauna just like she did when she was first starting out. I would like said bath-house to be populated entirely by the cast of Orange Is The New Black wearing nothing but white fluffy towels. Tunnocks tea cakes will be served at half time.”

Join us at Luscious Cabaret at the Albany at Great Portland Street on Friday 7th September. Tickets are available here

Morning all, Stormina has been out and about again, enjoying yet more cabaret – no I don’t have a life outside the cabaret world. This month it was one that I felt should have been featured a long time ago. It’s Apothecary Cabaret at Haunt in stoke Newington.

Produced by Mariposa Bop, Apothecary is described as a journey into the drug-addled dreams of a 19th Century Apothecary as he “samples many a concoction, unction and tincture, in an attempt to cure his many ills.” With differing hosts and performers every month, it’s certain that no two Apothecaries are ever the same. I have to admit that this months show was a particularly good one with an especially ludicrous line up of lovelies. Held together by the delightfully sassy, Virgin Xtravaganzah, this line up provided darkness and light in perfect proportion.

I genuinely love Loretta Von Dini who performs burlesque while performing magic tricks flawlessly. I love it when magicians make mistakes and I can guess how the trick is done, super annoyingly I have never seen Loretta make any mistakes so I have no choice but to conclude that she is a witch.

Adding to the darkness was Rosie Kohl who performed a genuinely mesmerising, ‘unsettling’ belly dance and Fifi Fantome who took us from Louis Armstrong to Florence and the Machine and will haunt my nightmares forever. There was also Mr Grimez who performed spoken word with honesty and charisma that is rarely seen.

Bringing some light to proceedings were the hilariously whimsical Dotti Moscati and Ginger Tarte. As well as being my new best friend, Dotti’s body positive beach act had the entire audience in stitches. For our second seaside themed act, Ginger Tarte fell in love with a shark. I don’t even feel the need to say anymore on that.

Diva Regina brought some much needed dignity to the show, with her breath-taking vocals and political subject matter. Singing about Politics and International Relations in 5 languages. It’s about time someone brought some decorum to the cabaret genre and this lady is highly decorous.

Next month Apothecary will be hosted by the incomparable Driscoll Bleak who will be presenting another amazing line up; it is not to be missed.


Stage Management Note

Poppy Liqueur: One of the top 2 bottoms in Burlesque. Tidies up the stage like a pro.


Stormina’s Top 3

  1. Diva Regina’s Costume reveal

I don’t want to ruin the reveal but you all know how much I love a costume becoming another costume? I really really do!

  1. Dotti Miscotti wriggling her way out of an inflatable doughnut rubber ring.

So. Goddamn. Funny.

  1. Dance off in tribute to Chalkilicious (pictured)

As Chalkilicious (beloved Luscious fave and compulsive Apothecary game participant) is currently on his annual pilgrimage to The Edinburgh Fringe, the game this month was one of his favourites. Two poor audience members had to wiggle off to a 90’s mega mix wearing chalkilicious masks. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. If that makes no sense to you, you are better off for it.

We’re getting so excited about our holiday show on Friday. We’ve been having a natter with some of our performers who’ve been getting into the spirit and revealing a cheeky little clue about what we can expect from their new act – it is a new material night after all.

Join us on our Summer Holidays at The Cav on Friday. Tickets are available here.

Bambi Bang Bang

“My new material will hopefully teach you, if you ever got the chance, never to fire a puppet!!!”

Sandy Fishnets

“Sandy Fishnets has been splashing the cash and is looking for someone that she can enjoy the finer things in life with.”


Allegra Whispers

“An eccentric, sexually open girl, stuck in the 1920s


Carole Ann

“Make up and life advice like you’ve never had before.”


Bella Rose

“An act full of seduction, sass and a shit load of ass shimmies!”

Busty Malone

“Something a little bit different – expect nostalgia, some dialogue and a spank with a sparkly sword.”

This month Stormina has been wandering around Nude – Yes that’s right; her full foof and everything at Hooray Cabaret’s 6th Birthday show at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Everyone who follows this blog, and I know everyone does, knows that Stormina loves a themed show and always enjoys a Hooray.

For this show, in aid of Cancer Research, they choose to celebrate their birthday in their birthday suits with almost all acts (Dave the Bear you let us down…) appearing fully nude and audience encouraged to do the same.

Hooray always has a really appealing mixture of comedy, cabaret and games. This month there was a mixture of five comedians, all fully nude and burlesque, fire and boylesque. Highlights included, Glory Pearl opened with a stunning striptease, despite being fully nude from the very beginning, A comedian performing a full routine of characters and impressions; entirely in the nude and Onyx Fatale (Twix) who was running the tech for the show, breaking out of the booth at the end to strip off and dance to Rihanna’s cake.

All is held together, nominally, by Victoria Kember, a co-producer of the show, who after getting the audience to strip her during a game of pass the parcel at the very top of the show, stayed naked throughout and demanded the full attention of the audience for her vagina for the rest of the night. She was funny, charming and outrageous and made the chaos that is a Hooray Cabaret seem normal and even necessary.


Stage Manager’s mention

This month’s Hooray was a really challenging one for the Stage Manager, Sirene Fox, with a ketchup covered stage first up after the interval. She was excellent at her job and all she had to put up with in the ensuing mayhem…

Also, full points for wearing bows all over her bum in a makeshift bustle. Yes.


Stormina’s top 3 moments

3.“I know it” The angriest thespian I have ever seen, when the audience started to join in on his rendition of To Be or Not To Be.

2.Glory Pearl getting stuck in her corset during her burlesque act. Handled with such poise, like one of the greats of our industry.

Food or Body Part – the best game of the night. Where a victim from the audience was pulled onto the stage, blindfolded and had either pieces of food or body parts placed into their hands to guess whether it was food or body part. Stitches.


Well Hello There …

Summer is well and truly in full swing but we’ve got some awesome things to look forward to in September!  Double trouble in the form of Little Lady Luscious & Trixi Tassels. Plus Luscious Cabaret has not one but two residencies!

Luscious Cabaret – Private & Confidential

We are back at Privee of Knightsbridge every Thursday from 20th September and we are going to be bringing you a tantalising taste of 1940s Hollywood glamour.  Femme Fatales, dandy fellas, gangsters & much more.   Descend the stairs to the intimate Privée of Knightsbridge for a very private and confidential evening of cabaret. Think trilby’s, feathers, sequins, private detectives and a little bit of suspense …

Luscious Cabaret @ The Albany

We also return to our beloved Albany, Great Portland St from Friday 7th September. But not just that we have a very FAB-U-LOUS new host Paulus!  You know the one from the Telly, BBC One’s All Together Now!  Along with the TV glitz we’ll be bringing you more  enchanting burlesque, daring drag, magical magic, charismatic comedy and tempestuous tasseling, you can rest assured that there will be something for everyone!

For more info on both shows head to

Luscious Classes – Luscious & Trixi Tassels are it again.

Since teaming up in February for the Luscious Showcase Course the Luscious Tassels collaboration is continuing this Autumn too!  Have you ever wanted to learn the art of burlesque and get yourself up on stage?  Join Trixi and Luscious from 12th September and we’ll have you bumpin’ & grinding and dancing your way on to stage in November!

For more info & bookings head to