Beginners Burlesque

What you’ll learn on the Luscious Burlesque Course …

Discover the magic of burlesque with bumps and grinds, walks and poses, shimmies and the iconic tassel twirl.  The classes are small and the student-teacher attention is big with co-facilitator Trixi Tassels teaching the course alongside Little Lady Luscious.  Absolute beginners are welcome.  The course is over an 8 week period and by the end of it, you’ll be walking down the street with more confidence and style.

Drag queen posing happily on stage

“Well let’s just say I am more cheeky now than before …Read all about Frankly Desire’s Luscious experience via our blog here.

Beginner Burlesque Class Structure

Each class is an hour and a half long. We’ll start with a short warm-up and dive into burlesque technique and a dance routine.

Each week we’ll be looking at a different burlesque technique:

  • Week 1: Walking and Posing
  • Week 2: Bumps, Grinds and Shimmies with Trixi Tassels
  • Week 3: Stockings & props
  • Week 4: Costume & Teasing
  • Week 5: Character development
  • Week 6: Routine development with Trixi Tassels
  • Week 7: Tasseling & Finishing your lines  with Trixi Tassels
  • Week 8: Dress rehearsal for the show with Little Lady Luscious and Trixi Tassels
  • Student showcase – This is usually a week to two weeks after the course finishes

Cost: £180.00 for the full course

Course Dates

Beginner Course dates:

All classes are held at The Academy Mews Studio in Camden – 15 Pratt Mews, NW1 0AD

February 2020 – Wednesday 5th February – Wednesday 25th March – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm


April 2020 – Wednesday 22nd April – Wednesday 10th June – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm


September 2020 – Wednesday 30th September – Wednesday 18th November – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm


Advanced Course:

Little Lady Luscious has developed an Advanced Course which builds your burlesque toolkit. Through techniques such as fan dancing, floor work and clowning.  Each class has been specifically chosen to enhance and continue your burlesque journey.  With the added bonus of developing a group number with your classmates, you are guaranteed to make more friends and experience the Luscious fun we are famous for.

Full class structure, more course dates and details are on the Advanced Burlesque Course Page:

Beginners & Advanced Course Combo

If you know burlesque is for you and you want to absorb as much as you can.  You can book on to both the Beginners course (£180) & Advance course (£200) today for £360 and save £20!

Contact Emily on if you would like to pay for the course in instalments.

We create a warm and loving space for you to experiment and conjure your burlesque alter ego. Team Luscious firmly believe burlesque classes are for everyone which is why our classes are LGBTQ+ friendly. Come along and join the luscious fun and unleash your inner power!