Meet Lady Perez!

The countdown is on to Joyous July with Luscious Cabaret and it is time to get to know our performers a little better.  Lady Perez caught our eye while Little Lady Luscious was working with the Folly Mixtures last year.  Then lo and behold her alter ego works at The Academy Mews Studios where the Luscious Burlesque Course is run.  Well we thought with all of that in common we need to see Lady Perez on the the Luscious Cabaret stage and find out a bit more about the whaacking queen of burlesque …
Lady Perez posing with Luscious Cabaret logo Friday 5th July
How long have you been performing and what inspired you to get started?
I’ve been performing professionally for the past 6 years. The first time I stepped on stage when I was younger was the first moment I felt I could truly “be seen” – I’ve been performing ever since!
What do you love most about performing?
It gives me a voice and allows me to tell my story.
Who inspires you as a performer?
Rosie Perez hands down! I’ve watched her footage from Soul Train at least a million times!
What has been your most memorable moment on stage?
Winning a battle at Supernova in Taiwan last year. They gave me a champagne bath tub as a prop – needless to say I had fun!
We can’t wait to welcome you to the Luscious Cabaret stage without giving too much away can you tell us a little bit about your act?
This one is a little more classic than my usual but expect just as much musicality, character & charm!
If you’re as excited about Lady Perez coming to Luscious Cabaret as we are you can book your tickets for the most welcoming Cabaret in London!