A look back at West End Roulette

This month I was at a Luscious favourite’s show in the West End; Michael Twaits fabulous West End Roulette. Billed as A Spontaneous Cabaret, Michael basically creates a show from audience requests and suggestions combining pop music and show tunes into something unique and incredibly special.

Those of us who are Luscious regulars will know Michael as the phenomenal host of Luscious Cabaret. It was a surprise to me to see him not wearing a dress. Michael is famously A Man in a Dress and to begin with I was worried that the illusion was ruined forever but then for his opening number he performed Kate Bush and I knew it was our Michael.

The first half somehow became a ridiculously eclectic mix of numbers combining Cabaret, Rocky Horror, Smash, a Britney Medley, The Cure, Meatloaf and of course the afore mentioned Wuthering Heights. If I’m honest I felt that I would have liked more of the Kate Bush dancing…. Step it up Michael…

During the interval Michael put on a frock and then show really began to take shape as a roulette. The first half included liberal direction from the audience, but the second half really came into its own with use of a Roulette Wheel to direct music choices and use of a requests book which Sarah (the incredible Pianist) was somehow able to create mashups at a moments notice. Going from Lady Gaga into Dolly Parton to Nicki Minaj (I have no idea who requested that last one – someone with great taste in contemporary hip hop).

This show was engaging with an atmosphere that was genuinely warm and inclusive in the sense that it was totally irresistible to get involved in. The venue itself at the Pheonix Artists Club is relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommend this show. It’s an absolutely delightful end to a day and it’s free.


Top 3

  1. The liberal audience Participation. From joining getting to join in on the intro of Holding Out for a Hero to getting an audience member to put his heels on for him after the interval, Michael includes the audience in this show in a big way.
  2. The Britney Medley – I just love a Britney Medley.
  3. The guess the song game, in which Michael and Sarah perform the beginning of a well known songs for two contestants to guess without singing the title. Trying to sing Papa don’t Preach without including the words Papa, Don’t or Preach is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.


You can catch West End Roulette at the Pheonix Artists Club every Wednesday from 9pm.