What Inspires Our June Luscious Line Up

It’s nearly Luscious Cabaret time and this month we decided to something a little different and asked our line up what or who inspires them.  Here’s what they said ….


Frankly Desire

My biggest inspiration lately are my siblings from Haus of Royalz. They are a bunch of incredible people that surprise me every day more and more and always prove me that, no matter what life throw at you, there is always a brighter way to anything.


Roman Ackley

I’m really inspired by Klaus Nomi, who was this gloriously surreal German pop star in the 80s. I first came across him in a video where he was backing dancing for David Bowie, dressed as a martian, with a slinky as a headdress. From there I kept finding videos of him on YouTube doing all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff like singing Purcell Arias in countertenor and covering ‘Falling in Love Again’ in a latex dinner jacket. A lot of his stuff throws together tonnes of references from all over the place to make something new and I really respect that.


Vesper Fontaine

I’m inspired by so many of the dancers and singers from the great old Hollywood musicals, but my earliest inspiration had to be Jessica Rabbit.  Who wouldn’t want to be the beautiful singer in the amazing dress with the entire audience just putty in your hands?



Well, there’s no way of putting this without coming across like a brown-nose, but it is, nevertheless true: You, Little Lady Luscious. You are my inspiration. As is anyone who promotes, produces and organises shows in this weird and wonderful world of burlesque and cabaret. The corsets are tight, but the margins are tighter and it’s often a thankless task. So, for everytime I or another ego-led performer forgot to thank you; THANK YOU! Now I shall go back to being vile and acerbic. Never speak of this again.’


Triple Tease – Bella Rose

A lot of my inspiration lately comes from my friends. I’ve seen so many take big risks to fulfil their dreams, or do something traditionally seen as ‘outside of the norm’ to be happy, which makes me super proud. This is a massive reason why I started my burlesque adventure last year and why il be up on the stage this Friday doing something I love.


Trixie Kixx

I can’t pick one person just like I can’t pick one thing off menus or one style of dance I love the most. So many people inspire me for so many different reasons because I believe our professional and personal lives should be filled with eclectic variety that keeps each day different and exciting. I enjoy laying in a park watching the clouds just as much as I love performing two full out shows in one night running across London peeling off tassels in between.
At the moment, I’m inspired professionally by the people I get to see working around me. Tempest Rose at the helm of HoB and the backstage girls behind the scenes. If you work your ass off with passion, keeping your feet on the ground, staying humble whilst being world class at your job, you inspire me.


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