Meet Diane Spencer – May The Fourth Be With You

It’s May The Fourth!!! And that can only mean one thing.  Luscious Cabaret is ready to play at The Albany!  We can’t wait to entertain you all tonight.  And today we meet our final performer the awesome Diane Spencer!!!

1. Lets get straight to it, Star Wars or Star Trek?  Star Trek – sorry!  But it was the thing I always watched when I got home from school!  Plus I found that the first three films of Star Wars didn’t have many characters I could really relate to, whereas Star Trek the Next Generation had Beverly Crusher – lady doctor and redhead.
2. What was your inspiration for your may the fourth routine?  I’m a standup comedian by trade and I take inspiration from real life.  Life is always changing and happening, and if you’re half paying attention you’ll have an emotional reaction to it, and that’s where I start.  What I’m doing is essentially my usual set, however I’ve modified it slightly in keeping with this exciting and special event.  Other than that, it’s a secret… 🙂
3. Do you believe in alien life?  Yes of course, the universe is huge, and even if we are the only sentient ones, which I very much doubt, there’s at least going to be some moss or sea creatures out there.
4.Your fav star wars character and why?  Tricky.  Hans Solo cos he’s funny and good looking, but then again I really like that new Jedi Rey, she seems to have her head screwed on correctly.  Any character that shows a flicker of a sense of humour always wins with me.  
5.What do you enjoy about themed cabaret/burlesque nights?  The costumes!  I love the fact that the experience becomes immersive.
6. Fav star wars film  I guess, Return of the Jedi was great, but The Force Awakens was very very good too, but then considering what happens to one of my favourite characters, maybe not so much.
7. Talk us through your costume, did you make it, buy it? if you made it how easy was it/what were the challenges? What inspired you to use this costume.  This is a secret, you will have to come to the night.  Though I will say I attend comic cons and the stormtrooper and wookie outfits I see there are absolutely stunning.
8.Would you have crawled in your dead tauntauns belly?  Ew, no. Neither did Luke!  He was pushed.
9. If you could perform at another themed night, what would you like it to be?  Fifth Element – love the costumes!  Or perhaps a zombie themed night, like Resident Evil.
To find out what Diane will be wearing tonight come to The Albany.  Online tickets available until 4:30pm or you can buy tickets on the door.