Meet Storm Hooper – May The Fourth Be With You

With a name like Storm Hooper we couldn’t not book her for the May the Fourth Special.  Who’s her favourite character & what’s her favourite film?  Read on to find out!

1. Lets get straight to it, Star Wars or Star Trek?
My mums a massive Trekki, so I feel a sort of loyalty to that for that reason! But saying that, I have to that Star Wars for my stage name,, so 50/50?
2. What was your inspiration for your may the fourth routine?
The play on my stage name! 

3. Do you believe in alien life?
Sure why not?

4.Your fav star wars character and why?
Storm Troopers.. if you see them they way I do…

5.What do you enjoy about themed cabaret/burlesque nights? 
The chance to have fun, and be silly and let you’re inner geek shine!!

6. Fav star wars film
to be honest.. I don’t think I’ve seen them all. so can’t give a fair answer…

7. Talk us through your costume, did you make it, buy it? if you made it how easy was it/what were the challenges? What inspired you to use this costume.
Part was bought, and part sourced from existing outfits. I have A LOT of costumes.. so that bit wasn’t hard.. performing in a helmet with minimal vision though.. well I guess we shall wait and see!
8.Would you have crawled in your dead tauntauns belly?
I don’t think I’m geek enough to understand the question… 

9. If you could perform at another themed night, what would you like it to be? 
I’m obsessed with all things circus.. so that. or something just obscure and silly!
10. Without giving too much away what can we expect from your act?
Don’t judge a book by its cover…
There are still a few tickets left so you can see Storm Hooper in action!