Gemma Layton – May The Fourth Be With You

She’s a regular host for the Luscious Burlesque Night but what is she going to do for May The Fourth Be With you tomorrow night?!


1. Lets get straight to it, Star Wars or Star Trek?
Oh Star Wars. Definitely. Star Trek tried but….oh….this is awkward….no really. Let’s move on….
2. What was your inspiration for your may the fourth routine?
It was mulling around in my brain for FOREVER! I just kept thinking….what would Yoda do? Yoda was awesome…he has the skills…why is he not the star, daaaaarling?! Whhhyyyyyyy????!!!!!!
3. Do you believe in alien life?
Yes. I was kidnapped once by an alien called Jagermeister. I lost 3 days.
4.Your fav star wars character and why?
Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker’s Uncle. I always got the impression that he was hemmed in and Luke lived the dreams he wanted to live. In another reality, Lars left his wife and fecked off around the universe on a party boat.
5.What do you enjoy about themed cabaret/burlesque nights?
The challenge to create something I never would have thought of otherwise. And this is definitely something I would not have come up with without this theme…
6. Fav star wars film
Return of the Jedi…it launched the Ewoks and therefore one of the catchiest and trippiest theme tunes of a children’s cartoon in history. “We are the E-e-e-e-eeee-woks, we are the spirits from the Forest Moon”. Seriously, if you don’t know it, have a listen. It’s the most threatening and terrifying theme tune for a kids cartoon in history. When the guy sings “we’re just one big happy family”, as an 8 year old, you can’t help but agree for fear of your life.
7. Talk us through your costume, did you make it, buy it? if you made it how easy was it/what were the challenges? What inspired you to use this costume.
A mixture….I enlisted an artist friend to make some of it, bought some online, patched it together….I’m kind of hoping it stays together until my act is over…
8.Would you have crawled in your dead tauntauns belly?
Depends on how drunk I was. I’ve done worse to be fair. (Unless this is a euphemism and a reference to “that night”…in which case, sorry Mrs Biggins, it will never happen again)
9. If you could perform at another themed night, what would you like it to be?
The Sound of Music! I basically watched it 3 times a day every day on every non-school day between the ages of 5-10. The bond is strong. It’s stronger than the force.
10. Without giving too much away what can we expect from your act?
Ears. And a confession.
Ready to see Gemma Layton’s ears?  Book your tickets for the best May The Fourth Party in town!