Meet Little Lady Luscious – May the Fourth

With May the Fourth fast approaching the last minute preparations for the show has begun!  We thought we should get to know the stars of our show and find out their science fiction tendencies.  So let’s start at the top with our illustrious leader Little Lady Luscious …

1. Lets get straight to it, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars obvs.  I did dabble in a bit of Next Generation but Star Wars will always be 1st.  From the opening of  A New Hope to the celebrating Ewoks I was hooked on all things Star Wars.

2. What was your inspiration for your may the fourth routine?

Well I used to have a framed print of this character by my bedside when I was a teenager.  I’m still pretty obsessed with them so it was the natural choice.  I wanted to explore the sensitive side of this character.  I’ve fused the two things I love together, some would say it wasn’t the obvious choice but it was for me.

3. Do you believe in alien life?

We can’t be the only ones in the universe.  There are billions of stars and systems so there must someone or something else out there.

4.Your fav star wars character and why?

Darth Vader – he’s a badass with a heart. Anakin Skywalker can do one.

5.What do you enjoy about themed cabaret/burlesque nights? 

Both the audience and performers go for it.  I can’t wait to see who dresses up for this one.

6. Fav star wars film

Empire Strikes Back.  It’s a slower pace but we get to meet Yoda and see more Darth Vader.

7. Talk us through your costume, did you make it, buy it? if you made it how easy was it/what were the challenges? What inspired you to use this costume.

I bought it in the end, I still need to make some adjustments.  It was pretty hard to buy though, the costume in my size is pretty hard to find.  Thank god American boys between the ages of 8-10 are about the same size as a 4ft 11, 37 year old.  

8.Would you have crawled in your dead tauntauns belly?

Willingly no, if Han Solo was trying to save my life then yes.

9. If you could perform at another themed night, what would you like it to be? 

Comic book characters Wonder Woman, I’ve been dressing up as wonder woman since the age of 5

10. Without giving too much away what can we expect from your act?

You can expect to see something strong and delicate. 

Have you got your tickets yet?  Click the link below and kick start your May the Fourth Journey …