A look back on Vicious Von Vixen’s Vaudeville

This month Stormina had a sensational time at Vicious Von Vixen’s Vaudeville a weekly show on Tuesday evenings at Central Station in King’s Cross. We strongly recommend you get your Luscious bottoms down there as soon as you can to take in this wonderful spectacle of a show.

There are a few things that make this show feel unique: the mixture of adventurous cabaret newbies and dedicated regulars in the audience make for a very chilled and enjoyable atmosphere; the casts’ walkabout before the show makes you feel welcome and invites you into the Vaudeville family; and the host, Vicious himself, draws you in with a deep-seated confidence and profound sexuality.

The interesting mix of acts made the show feel very well rounded. The sunny mixture of Cherry on Fire’s caravanserai act, a Sun God act by Trash Valentine to Boney M’s Sunny and a Devil of an act from Red Venom seemed highly appropriate on the first nice day of the year. Cherry also performed a classic Jazz number with a series of gratingly slow shimmy’s which perfectly demonstrated the art of tease. Magician duck Juan and his glamorous assistant, Neil Kelso sprinkled some magic over the evening with a series of increasingly impressive card tricks. Additionally, Dickie Dalliance’s Morris Man act and Good Ness Gracious’ infamous Facebook act rounded off a sensational show.

Notes on Stage Management
This week, the resident stage manager, was not a kitten but a very well trained puppy. Not only is Roman Ackley really good at his job, he also is such an integral part of the show with Vicious referring to him at multiple times during the evening.

Stormina’s Top 3 Moments of the Night

3. Being insulted by one of the performers before the show has started. I don’t feel that you are anyone until Trash Valentine has referred to you as stocky to your face.

2. Good Ness Gracious – I can’t pick a singular moment of this performance. I thought for ages of something and for once, Stormina is lost for words. I don’t think there are enough superlatives in the world to describe her or her masterful mixture of talent and charisma.

3. Dickie Dalliance’s bum wiggle in latex pants – Potentially the best bum in burlesque (don’t tell Gracie Disgrace I said that).

Vicious Von Vixen’s Vaudeville is on every week at Central Station in King’s Cross and is free entry.