Meet Al J Jacob

Continuing our unsung heroes, meet our debonaire doorman the absolutely sensational Al J Jacob.  What does he get up when he’s not at Luscious Cabaret?  Read on to find out more …

What do you do outside of Luscious Cabaret?

Outside of LushCab I can be found screaming encouragement to some of our other Cabaret n Burley friends at various shows all over London, Ipswich, or the South Coast!

I get about a bit.

Or I’m helping friends put together acts n shows, helping promote their stuff, or getting people in touch with each other to do all of the above!

Anything that helps helps  .

What is an average day for Al J Jacob?

I NEVER have an average day. Ever! 

I work in a Female environment selling lingerie and sex toys…and that’s as “boring” as my day gets!!

On a normal day outside the muggle-job n CabaretWorld I’m in the gym or doing something I’ve never done before. When in Rome etc.

Do you remember the first Cabaret show that you went to see? 

My first show; unforgettable.

My Burlesque Cherry was well n truly popped by Raven Noir doing a ‘Red-Witch’ strip with Isis wings.

Then Doc LeRoc’s Wolverine, Roxi Kixx as Harley Quinn, Ruthy as the Joker, and Jeanie Wishes’ now famous Poison Ivy act all at ‘Cabaret Roulette: Super Heroes’.

It was Love at first sight.

What do you love most about Cabaret?

OhmiGod – that’s impossible to answer! 

The creativity. The underlying messages. The Windows into the Souls of the performer. The costumes. The family feeling. The elation of the crowd. The excitement building as we get to curtain-up. The Dressing-room banter!

We see you at almost every Cabaret show in London.  What are your top 5 cabaret shows to see in London?

Top 5: dang…

IN London…

LushCab (obvs).

The Cocoa Butter Club.


The Curtain Club.

Savage n Sons.

…I’ll probably change my mind n have to extend it to a Top10.

What is your most memorable moment from a Luscious Cabaret show?

My Most memorable LushCab moment would HAVE to be when you said to our Michael Twaits “Just make it as camp as ya like!” at the end of the last show n boy oh boy did it get camp.

C’mon, people were table dancing!!!

We see you snapping and tagging various cabaret nights out on social media which is your favourite picture & why? 

pfffft I usually get a favourite pic each night!

I know how much time, money, n effort you all put into your performances so I just wanna help immortalise those moments with you, and if you like what you see then it’s a HUGE honour that you repost n use anything I’ve shared.

I will never ask a penny from any of my friends.

I just want to see every single last one of y’all succeed – again, absolutely anything to help.

However, I got an awesome shot of Kiki Lovechild being pounced on by Velociraptors

Can you describe Luscious Cabaret in three words?



Camp! (Like that weird Uncle we all have!!)


Come and meet the devilishly handsome Al J Jacob at Luscious Cabaret.  You’ll find him on the door happy to help and show you the way to the Cabaret!