Meet Trash Valentine!

Winner of the best photo at Luscious Cabaret May 2017 …


We finally get the fabulous Trash Valentine on stage! London’s Las Vegas show boy, vivacious, flirtatious and positively magnetic, he leaves his audience begging for his affection. Combining satire, striptease and bawdy allure this boylesque charmer celebrates burlesque in all its forms.  We managed to pin down this fireball of fun to answer a few questions about how he came to be and what you can expect on Friday night!


Tell us a bit about why you decided to start performing:

My partner is a compére (Vicious Von Vixen’s) who pulled me up during an audience participation game. I was blind drunk, pushed the other contestants off the stage and started twerking like Miley Cyrus. The producer then asked if I had thought about performing before and I just went with it!

How do you come up with a new act or routine? Give us some insight to your creative process.

I always start with the music and then the concept, never the other way around. I then listen to the song on repeat for hours until the costume and choreography comes to me.

What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?

Artistically I’m moving in a new direction. Opposed to high camp and fabulous I’m moving more towards unapologetic sexy gay man. It’s different to what people expect from Trash, but I’m very excited!

What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?

I love how unpretentious cabaret is. There’s no rules or expectations. It’s what real performance art should be. People with love, respect and who want to share themselves with others.

Where – or for whom – would you most like to perform one day?

Moving to London from Perth was a huge step. The fact that I’ve become a successful boylesque performer in this city is very fulfilling and humbling.

Tell us how you’d spend an ideal day off.

I love games! Board games, escape rooms, laser tag and theme parks. But If I’m hungover, an entire day on the couch is ideal.

Current TV guilty pleasure?

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3. So addictive!

Any memorable audience members that you’ve encountered throughout your career?

I never had Instagram in Perth, and Australia is so isolated. It’s so flattering that people who visit London have organised their schedule around when they can see me perform. The first time a follower came to a show and said “I follow you on Instagram, I’m from Belgium and I’ve come to see you perform” just made my heart dance.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act?

This act is classic Trash. Fun, fabulous and flirty. It’s an act I have never tire of doing because it’s such a crowd pleaser!
Join us on Friday 2nd March at The Albany Great Portland St and we’ll warm you with some Las Vegas style shimmies!