An Absolutely Luscious 2017

Well folks, that’s another year done and dusted here at Luscious HQ.  We’ve been taking it easy between Christmas and New year so have been looking back at 2017 and what an awesome year it was.

Where to begin, well we kicked off 2017 with a sell out Luscious Burlesque Course.  It was a real mix of ages and they were an absolutley fabulous group to teach.  The amazing Lady Eveylyn M embraced the Luscious Burlesque Night and proclaimed the Luscious Burlesque Course better than anti-depressants so everyone should do the course.  As a teacher it is wonderful to see the change in students from their first class to stepping off the stage after their first act.  The change is amazing and an absolute privilege to be involved in.

Luscious Cabaret has gone from strength to strength.  My personal highlight was Michael Twaits singing Holding Out for a Hero.  A childhood favourite.  And the other childhood favourite was Michael sat on the bar singing Part of your World.

Ex students Gentlemans Relish and & The Foreplay Follies teamed up in July to bring us Gentlemen’s Foreplay.  Little Lady Luscious was full of pride and was turned into a blubbering mess on the front row.  It was an absolutely brilliant night of burlesque and Cabaret and watching the ex – Luscious students come to together and create an absolutely awesome show was amazing.

Before Luscious took an extened break over the summer Carmen Mon Oxide took the helm of Luscious Cabaret and decided to seduce Mr Delicious what ensued I don’t think anyone expected.

Mr Delicious wasn’t swayed tho as both he and Little Lady Luscious made it to the church on time to get hitched in September.

So all in all not a bad year here at Luscious HQ.  We have one exciting year ahead take a look at the home page and keep an eye out on our social media for some new and exciting announcements to come.

Whatever you are up to this evening we hope you have a very Happy New Year and that you have a fantastic and exciting 2018.