Meet Miss Glory Pearl!

With only a week to go until the next instalment of Luscious Cabaret we are ready to kick off our performer interviews with the awesome Miss Glory Pearl.  At the tender age of seventeen, Miss Glory Pearl absconded from her exclusive, Alpine finishing school and, in a fit of pique, joined the circus. She honed her aerial skills in the big top, drawing gasps of delight from village children across Europe.  We can’t wait for the good times to begin!


Tell us a bit about why you decided to start performing. 
Initially it was to supplement my income as I took a 40% payout when I did a career change! Not very romantic, but true!
How do you come up with a new act or routine? Give us some insight to your creative process.
With burlesque, it usually comes from listening to music and having an idea of doing something ridiculous to a track. I tend to hear the jokes, if that makes sense – how the music and costume or action could combine to generate a laugh. With character comedy, I have an idea for a character, then come up with a name for them, once I have their name, the costume, voice, posture etc all come really easily. And for stand up, I usually start with what ever is bugging me and try to see the stupidity in it. My comedy is largely observational so that means paying attention to the world in general and having an opinion. I find both these things easy.
What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?
At present I’m looking at touring to build my audience, writing my next stand-up show, and I’ve just started writing comedy poetry so I’d like to perform that more. 
What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?
The absence of the fourth wall – it means every performance is an act of co-creation with the audience.
Where – or for whom – would you most like to perform one day?
I think I’d make a good fist of hosting the Oscars – couldn’t be worse than James Corden, after all.
Tell us how you’d spend an ideal day off.
At home with the furry fam, peace and quiet, good food, lots of sleep and maybe a bit of telly if I’m feeling adventurous. Life is busy. Peace is a luxury.
Current TV guilty pleasure?
Definitely Strictly. Although Tess Daly can do one.
Any memorable audience members that you’ve encountered throughout your career?
Loads – it is the chief pleasure of live performance. But the people who come up to me after a gig and say the show has helped them or made them feel better about themselves are an especial pleasure.
Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act? 
Tits and muff.

We can’t wait to be back at The Albany Great Portland Street on Friday 2nd March.  To see what Miss Glory Pearl has in store for you book your tickets via the button below.