The Paulus Top Ten

December is on its way and we can all hear the faint whisper of Mariah Carey.  Michael Twaits has decided to pack his bags and find the only  place on earth they won’t be playing “All I want for Christmas”.   At Luscious HQ we decided to invite back the man who gaffa taped his balls into his jeggings all in the name of Cabaret. The absolute star Paulus!

To get you ready for the momentus occaision we have been looking back on our Paulus blogs and compiled our top ten Paulus responses …

10. Tell us how you’d spend an ideal day off.

Drinking tea and pruning the climbing roses in my garden, with occasional guest appearances from my cat, Harley (pictured)


9.  Favourite drink?

PG Tips Tea until 5pm (semi skimmed, no sugar or even stirred with a spoon that has been anywhere near sugar and in a Denby mug. That last part is non-negotiable). After 5pm, I’ll drink Meths from a jam jar, babes.

8.What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?

The wine.

7.What do you think is people’s first impression of you?

That if Miss Piggy were to mysteriously disappear I could probably replace her and no one would notice

6. Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act? – From the Nasty Blouse blog

JA:  Like a first date, it’s best to keep expectations low, have had a couple of drinks before it starts and be open to getting felt up in a dark corner before the night is over.  We may also sing songs.

PLM: Two middle-aged men that have no business in leggings.

5.What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?

There’s a stain on my best cashmere blanket that I can’t get out and I need to get my housekeys off the cleaner without her realising I’m firing her before I do it.

4.Tell us a bit about why you decided to start performing.

Community service. Crimes against theatre. I’ve got 137 hours left.

3. Any memorable audience members that you’ve encountered throughout your career?

No. Not a one. I barely know there’s anybody else in the building.

2. What does a typical show day look like for you?

I have Welsh Cake in my Jeggings, so I shall be scraping the worst of that off and Febreezing em before I come and play at Luscious Cabaret. That, and a few eps of Stranger Things on Netflix should do it…

1. Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act?

To answer this question would be to assume that I have some sort of a plan…


You can book your tickets for Luscious Cabaret below.  It’s going to be another awesome show!