A look back at Savage and Sons – Ain’t misbehavin’

Tucked away on the top floor of the Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington on the Second Tuesday of every month is Savage and Sons, Ain’t Misbehavin’. Hosted by the incomparably charming, Valerie Savage and featuring an ever-changing cast of impressive performers. This month it was an all female cast with burlesque from Athena Beauvoir, Brazen Bijoux and Luscious Graduate, Bootsy Bonafonte along with vocal performances from Sadie Sinner the Songbird and Valerie Savage herself.

With her notoriously good memory for lyrics, Valerie managed to get through almost all of her opening song and the first half of her second song admirably. She then styled out the second half so professionally that had she not told us that she wasn’t going to sing the rest we’d barely have noticed. Valerie has such a good rapport with her audience that it’s impossible not to enjoy her patter and she made the whole event feel so intimate and friendly. Very ably assisting her was the ever-wonderful and multi-multi talented Bambi Bang Bang, adding stage management to the list of talents I made for her last month.

The performers were all fabulous, combining stunning costume, finesse and sass. There are no words to describe the peerless Sadie Sinner – so I won’t bother. Brazen Bijoux was a joy throughout both of her acts and I loved the duet she did with Athena Beauvoir. Bootsy Bonafonte performed her newest act with her normal measure of charm and amusement. A particular highlight was Athena Beuavoir’s colour-coded James Bond act.

Savage and Son’s next show will be on Wednesday 13th December in the Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington. There will be a fantastic line up including Bambi Bang Bang (again – she’s so good that you can never get enough of her), Dolly Trolley, Trash Valentine and others who I have since forgotten.

Stormina’s Top 3 moments


  1. Bootsy Bonafonte’s fabulous footwork – Valerie Savage herself noticed that Bootsy’s fancy Charlestoning got a bigger cheer than her boobs did – that’s because her Charleston is shit hot. As are her boobs.
  2. The above mentioned duet from Athena and Brazen was an absolute treat in terms of two women dancing together to perform something that was fun, classy and really entertaining. Undressing each other cheekily and allowing one another time to be centre stage was really delightful and irresistibly cute.
  3. Valerie’s anecdotes about stocking peels. All absolute gold but I feel that you need her delivery. You should probably ask her yourself.

This month I have a bonus high point of the show because Bambi Bang Bang was in my top 3 last month I felt bad putting her in again – but her stage management was so on point that I feel she needs proper recognition. I love a good kitten…