Purrsia Kitt

Happy Halloween, today we meet the sensational Purrsia Kitt!


Why did you start performing?

I have dreamed of being on a stage for a long time because intuitively I always knew it would be empowering and magical to authentically create an act from the heart and deliver it unapologetically with passion. I didn’t imagine I would ever have the confidence to perform . As a kid I was extremely shy and in my dance classes I was always awkward and therefore positioned behind the more confident kids when learning new steps and routines.

I attended cabaret events a lot last year and started visualising being on stage. One night that particularly inspired me was the launch of The Cocoa Butter Club in September 2016. I shared with Sadie Sinner during the interval what my dream was but I had no idea how to start and she encouraged me to connect with Tempest Rose (House of Burlesque). Now here I am.

Do you remember your first time on stage? How did that go?

First time performing on stage, in my adult life,  was 30th April  2017. It was my House of Burlesque graduation night. Prior to that performance , I have never felt more powerful or comfortable in my skin. I was extremely nervous before performing though which still happens, but it just means I really care about what I do.

Of all of your acts, which is your favourite to perform?

I am still very new so I currently perform my beloved Feline Goddess act. My second act will debut early in December!

What sets you apart from other performers?

I will leave that for others to decide 🙂

What do you think is people’s first impression of you?

Approachable, friendly, down to earth, open minded, empathetic…

What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?

The variety of art delivered on stage, storytelling, the excitement, the suspense, the glitter…

How did you choose your stage name?

My love for Eartha Kitt and felines inspired my stage name !

What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?

Next challenge (in life and performing) is to be flexible. One day I may get down into the splits. One day…