Meet Sisi Emerald

Only a few more days to go until the next Luscious Cabaret!  Today we meet former Luscious student Sisi Emerald.  We love to invite our Luscious students to return and perform and let us know how they are getting on …

Why did you start performing?
I just wanted to boost my confidence. It was a little kick in the ass for me to accept my body as it is. 
Do you remember your first time on stage? How did that go?
I was shaking and I had some difficulty to undo some buttons. Even if you rehearsed, some things you didn’t plan happen.
However those “accidents” can actually bring new ideas. Funny enough, one of those mistakes, has become part of my routine 
Of all of your acts, which is your favourite to perform?
 I only have two acts for the moment and working on a new one. My Harry potter one is definitely my fav. 
What sets you apart from other performers?
That’s a difficult question. I would say my capacity to improvise as an actor. If something wrong happens on stage, I just cover it and hide it as an actor would do. 
What do you think is people’s first impression of you?
crazy, a ball of energy, and confident. For the last it is funny when I hear that because I am always  full of doubts. 
What’s your favourite thing about cabaret?
The freedom, the fact there is no judgement. People from every background with different bodyshapes come to perform or are part of the audience. It feels like Cabaret is a place for tolerance, experiments where everyone is welcome. 
How did you choose your stage name?
Sissi Emerald has three sources. Sissi is a nickname for Elizabeth. It was the name I was supposed to be given originally. Sissi is also the Nickname of a famous Duchess which became later known as  Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. Her short name was “Sisi” in English and “Sissi” in French. This is the last I took. 
The last name emerald come from my love for this color. As a redhead, it’s a color I wear very often. If you open my wardrobe, you will be impressed by the number of green outfits in there. 
What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?
Stop overthinking (my everyday life and artist one)! My head is my worse enemy. I am scared of people reactions or to disappoint. 
I have to free myself from that and just totally let it go when I am performing which would make, I think, my routine much better. 
Regarding my future in Burlesque I woud like to bring my other skills into it (combat and dance), it is a little challenge I have for my next routine.