Why does Cabaret have to be such a riot of glitter?

If you’ve ever been to a cabaret of burlesque night, you’ll know that everything there sparkles. From the summit of their feather headdress, to the tips of their polished toes, their sequined props and even their cocktails; cabaret performers are slathered in glitter, crystals and rhinestones. Performers spend as much time attaching tiny crystals and beads to their costumes as they do working on their choreography – and the big question is why??
We’ve compiled our top 3 luscious ways to use glitter in an act…

3. Names in Glitter
Every showgirl needs to consider her (or his) branding, and by writing your name or initials across your costume you’re making a statement about who you are and that you need the whole audience’s undivided attention.

2. Bejewelled underwear
Sparkling crystals draw the eye, need we say more?

1. A Glitter Pour
The controversial glitter pour can be the perfect way to end your act. What’s the point in sensually removing every stitch of clothing if you aren’t going to get dirty after? Covering bare skin in water, milk, champagne or glitter can be effortlessly sexy. This option is unpopular with stage managers and producers as clearing up mess can take a painstakingly long time. If you do use glitter, the chunky glitter is the best and your stage manager will be able to sweep it up with ease. But the glitter pour really encapsulates the spirit of Cabaret – i.e. leaping around the stage covered in glitter.

Remember kids; glitter is a hazard so be safe as you writhe around in your sparkles!