The Luscious Burlesque Night

Someone has hit the pause button on the rain, fingers crossed it’s an indefinate pause.  During the rainy days we have been looking back on sunnier times.  Back in June we had another Luscious showcase and it was fabulous.  Here’s a few of the highlights …

We saw Chalkilicious return to the Luscious Stage.  This time as a very surly Stage Manager, we love it when past students come back to try out new things with us!


Sisi Emerald teamed up with Chalkilicious to tell a tale of unrequited love …



The Fabulous Lady Eveylyn M filled us with joy as she fell in love with that puppy.


Lola Thunder Thighs the Third introduced us to the Candy Strippers sorry I mean Stripers.

Sexy & Sultry Lady Magdalana was mad about the boy


Stormina Teacup was another past student who returned to show off a hidden talent.


Lady Elenora went all top secret in search of Golden Eye.


Frankly Desire woke up in the wrong bed and took us on the walk of shame.


To Finish the show we were treated to a Luscious Troupe act.  And the audience gave them their name too.  Meet G4S!



It was a fantastic night and all of the students had a blast on stage.  Thank you to the wonderful Stephan Burn for the fantastic pictures.  You can see the fun in the performers faces.  Looking back on these brought a bit of sunshine on a very wet Wednesday and since then the sunshine has been slowly returning.  So fingers crossed for a sunny and glorious weekend! 

If you would like to join in the Luscious fun, the Luscious Burlesque Course returns on Wednesday 20th September at The Acacdemy Mews Studios in Camden.  For bookings and more info click here