The Summer of Love – Meet Haus of Royalz

Tonight The Gentleman’s Relish & The Fourplay Follies have SOLD OUT their show Gentleman’s Fourplay and Little Lady Luscious couldn’t be prouder.  If you missed out on getting tickets never fear there is another fabulous show about the hit the RVT on Wednesday 2nd August.  Little Lord Luscious had the pleasure of stage managing their amazing graduation show earlier in the year and cannot wait to see what they have put together.  We caught up with Veronika to find out a bit more about the show …


Can you tell us a little bit about the show?
It’s been 50 years too many since the original Summer of Love; and to celebrate the golden jubilee of a revolution of love, compassion, and a stupid amount of hallucinogenic substances, we bring you NINE amazing drag acts to soothe your soul, and take you back to the magic of Woodstock… In a sticky pub… In Vauxhall… In 2017!
On the come down from London Pride and the “Drag Season”, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get out and support the new talent on the Queer scene. Or just an excuse to get paralytic on a school night, because f***, do we need a drink right now or what???
How did the idea for the show come about?
The Haus Of Royalz presents ‘Summer Of Love’ came about from all of us just sitting around, and talking about how much fun it would be to perform together once again, since we all ‘draguated’ from Michael Twait’s RVT Drag Course (look it up – it’s fabulous! Running again in September), and it was such a phenomenal experience, that we wanted to experience that magic all over again!!!
And what better way to celebrate the summer, and the love that we all have for gender performance, as well as the love we all share for questionable substances and choices, than by partying up, performing what love means to us, getting ‘groovy’ and celebrating 50 years of the Summer Of Love!!!

Who is in the show and can you give us an exclusive of what everyone will be doing in the show?
We have some amazing, talented, fabulous cabaret and gender performance artist, all new to the circuit in London! We have the likes of Veronica Montenegro, Dolly Trolley, Fruit!, Bae Sharam, The Phoenix, Lola No!, Chlamydia Jones and Ember – all performing new material: there will be drama, tears, love, pain, sex, politics, vocals, spoken word, dress reveals, bananas, everything you can dream of and more – and all of the night’s proceedings to be hosted by the amazing Holly Dunn Something! Make sure you grab your tickets or you’ll miss out, we’re almost sold out!
If there are still tickets available how do we book them?
You can purchase the tickets via our Eventbrite page – the link is
You can also contact us on our event page on facebook: and get in touch with us for discount codes if you want to buy tickets!
Tickets will also be available at the door, but all on a availability basis, and we are almost sold out, so grab them while you can! Cannot wait to see you all there!!! xoxo