Meet Gentleman’s Fourplay!

Little Lady Luscious has packed up her boas and feather fans for the summer, leaving luscious lovers of cabaret bereft until the Autumn, but luckily, there are other shows to keep us entertained during the long hot summer. Two luscious troupes have got together to end your summer blues with a fantastic night of cabaret performances.  We caught up with them after a rehearsal to find out what’s in store…

Can you tell us a little bit about the show?


This show is quite possibly the most exciting collaboration to hit London since Jeremy Corbyn met Diane Abbott. Two great troupes, affectionately know as ‘the boys’ and ‘the girls’, team up to perform duos, quartets and octets of acts that are infinitely greater than the sum of their already magnificent parts. Our wide range of talents have been brought to bear in burlesque, music, comedy, dodgy brass instruments, moderate violence and general dicking about.


How did the idea for the show come about?


Two great acts, both born from the womb of Luscious Cabaret, got together in 2016: the beautiful boys of Gentleman’s Relish and the gorgeous girls of the Fourplay Follies. Then, one drunken night, they were challenged by Little Lady Luscious to do something as a glorious eightsome. Ideas flew around like crazy, excitement grew, and the show became inevitable. The deserving public just couldn’t be deprived of this legendary event.


Describe the creative process?


Sheer hard graft. The groups spent hours writing, crying, rewriting, taking stress-related sick leave, and rewriting again. Some dusted old skills and some learnt new ones. Some decided to start an act with a text message a week and a half before the show.


Is it difficult to get eight people to agree with each other?


Absolutely not. The hive mind was in full flow, with an almost psychic link between the cast. Scars that may be visible during the show are categorically not the result of glass and medium sized furniture thrown in anger. Honest.


What roles do people play in the show?


Stormina Teacup – the logistical one

Bootsy Bonafonte – the talented one

Busty Malone – the booby one

Sandy Fishnets – the risk taking one

Vince Moon – the musical one

Igor Maniac – the fashion conscious one

Dickie Dalliance – romantic one

Chalkilicious – the annoying one

The show is this Friday. Little Lady luscious has booked her front row seats and you can get yours at  Via Eventbrite