Summer workshop – Neo and Political Burlesque

We’re so excited to catch up with the one and only Lolo Brown for a natter before her Neo Burlesque & Political Burlesque Workshop in the summer. If you fancy learning with Lolo, you’ll need to book tickets soon because we only have 5 places left! It’s on Saturday 29th July.

Do you remember the first time you performed as burlesque dancer?  How did it go? 


I do remember my first ever performance as a burlesque dancer. No burlesque training, No idea but full of gumption. I thought I wanted to do classic burlesque when I first tried it, So I did a clumsy balloon pop at my SU at University. All I care to remember is that I had the best time, and I knew getting naked on stage was THE career choice for me.


How did you choose your burlesque name?.

I had a name before Lolo Brow, if you are desperate to know what it is ask Meth (my mother) but that first name was forced because I hadn’t found my character yet, I made it up one night after 2 bottles of wine with my flat mate. BUT When I started working with Meth on my first pro routine, a few weeks in I realised my character wasn’t too far from myself. It so happened that one of my real life nick-names, “Lolo” was a perfect start for a stage name. My options were Lolo Price, Lolo Standards and Lolo Brow. its obvious which one I finally chose but I can still turn into Lolo Standards after my 4th Tequila.


What is a typical day for Lolo Brow like?

Wake up late between 10/12, If i am lucky without a hang over, I find my clothes and get a bus home…. thats a lie, I never sleep over.

BUT Honestly I get up late because I sometimes don’t finish work til 4am, I get up, drown myself in coffee, feed my cat and my lizard. Then I sit at my computer answering emails, sending invoices, chasing money, Sorting Promo for various shows and scrolling through facebook messages. This takes a few hours. Then either a rehearsal or a meeting depending on the time of year. I then start my make up about 3 this takes 2 hours, pack my suitcases and I arrive at my first show of the evening about 6pm for tech. Then I can do between 1 – 4 shows a night depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Plus now I work as a performer in the crystal maze so on my quieter day times I am lucky enough to run round my childhood dream for a few hours. Richard O’Brian would be proud.


Which Burlesque performer has inspired you the most?

This is a difficult question as I am constantly surprised and inspired by this industry. The people I meet on a day to day basis astound me, everyone works so hard for their art it’s hard to say one particular name.

In my early days, Meth was my main source of inspiration, She was and is my mother, she introduced me to this world and I will always be grateful.

Laurie Hagen was another inspiring figure when I started, she was kind enough to let me follow her around and ask her dorky questions. She as a performer is amongst the legends of our time and I see now how truly lucky I was to have her creative and helping hand. WHAT A SUPER STAR.

Tempest Rose, that bitch can run a business.

But in all honesty it’s the women in the industry that get me out of bed and on to stage. The women who every day shrug off societies limited backwards views, throw on a pair of rhinestoned tassels and say “fuck you, this is my body”.


You have many different acts, which is your favourite to perform?

Easy! The Shuffle – It was the second act I made, it’s so close to my heart because its everything I want to be and do on stage.

Those of you unfamiliar with it, it is an act where the audience are in complete control and can change the music whenever the like. I have performed this routine hundreds of times, but never once done the same show twice.

What can we expect from your Neo & Political Burlesque class?

Grit and fire. In our current times reflecting our world in our art is going to be interesting. But we are going to take a moment to find focus amongst the chaos and find the best way for your voice to be heard.


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