Meet Odelia Opium!

Ever wanted to time-travel? Well, all you have to do is get yourself to Luscious Cabaret this Friday, where we will all be whisked away to a bygone era by the absolutely enchanting Miss Odelia Opium. Get ready for a history lesson like no other…


What is your first memory of performing?

That would probably be me auditioning for the high school musical production! I didn’t get the part though and have never been on stage again afterwards until I started doing burlesque in 2010!


Tell us about the best and worst parts of being on stage.

The best part is certainly the amazing feeling you get from performing for a supportive crowd! You get to share your creativity with them and have a good time together. Worst part – undoubtedly the nerves! Worrying if you’re good enough, what if they don’t like me, all that stuff!


Do you have any traditions or rituals on the day of a show?

On a show day it’s all about the preparation rituals – have a shower and exfoliate, then do my hair and makeup and carefully pack my luggage. I love that I own a large collection of makeup to choose from on the day. Even though all my acts have signature looks I like to vary my makeup a little sometimes.


How do you develop a new routine? Tell us a bit about the creative process.

As a costume designer I’m all about the visuals. I usually have a costume concept first and the inspiration for me usually comes from the past – paintings, old buildings, popular culture of past centuries.


Whats’s your favourite way to relax after a show?

Nothing like coming home to a cold drink and vegetarian junk food! I don’t eat before a show, so I’m usually starving by the time I get home!


Do you have any secret talents?

Sewing is my super power! I also make the best Aperol Spritz. 🙂


Song you’re currently listening to on repeat?

That’s probably the song I use in my newest act! It’s a song by one of my favourite bands, the Cherry Poppin Daddies, which means a lot to me. Not saying which one though! You’ll have to wait and see for yourself!


Give us a tease about your upcoming act at Luscious Cabaret!

I’m bringing my latest act with me! Inspired by icons of the past such as Vesta Tilly and Marlene Dietrich, this act is 50% dandy, 80% razzledazzle and 100% sass!


You can catch Miss Odelia on June 2nd at Luscious Cabaret! Tickets are available here

Photo credits: Vintage Rebels