Meet Symoné!

Our June edition of Luscious Cabaret is almost upon us, and we’re ready to meet our wonderful performers! Let’s get the ball (or skates) rolling with Luscious fan-favourite, the gorgeous and uber-talented Symoné! 


What is your first memory of performing?

Apart from school performances, my first ever show performing was 6 years ago at The King’s Cross Torch Relay for the Olympics! I think I completely blanked out, but I remember feeling shy and nervous with all the cameras – I was not used to so much attention, it felt overwhelming. At this time, I was performing in a large troupe, so the energy of everyone was comforting. Completely jumped into the deep end, and I’m quite grateful for that!


Tell us about the best and worst parts of being on stage.

When something spontaneous happens that you weren’t expecting yourself it can be magical – that’s often based on the crowd and the state of mind I’m in that night. I wouldn’t call it, “the worst bit,” but I don’t particularly like attention in general and that’s mainly because I’m quite introverted! 


Do you have any traditions or rituals on the day of a show?

The process of packing for a show contains suitable music to either calm or excite myself before a show. Also, a good mind and body cleanse, so facials, stretching, and meditating!


How do you develop a new routine? Tell us a bit about the creative process.

This often changes, however it’s either inspiration from a song I hear or I instantly imagine the routine in my head.


Whats’s your favourite way to relax after a show?

Good food and a film!


Do you have any secret talents?

I might be training myself in pole – might!


Song you’re currently listening to on repeat?

My Bad – DJ Mike Q


Give us a tease about your upcoming act at Luscious Cabaret!

If you like twerking and skating you are in for a treat 🙂


We know we’ve got you interested now! You can catch Symoné next Friday at the Albany, with tickets available here