Meet Leonie Soprano

IT’S SHOW DAY! Get yourself down to The Albany tonight if you want to see any or indeed all of the performers we’ve met this week in the blog.
Today the multi-talented and beautiful Leonie Soprano is answering the questions you’ve all been clamouring to ask her – I’m sure.
Why did you start performing? 
I did my degree in Musical Theatre and so had a lot of experience singing and dancing on the stage. The first ever burlesque show I saw was The Kitten Club at Volupte back in 2010 and I immediately knew then that was what I wanted to go and do. The comedy and cleverly choreographed satirical routines performed by a group of women who were a range of shapes and sizes, celebrating their curves and femininity was just amazing to me.
 Do you remember your first time on stage? How did that go?
My first performance was at the end of the Burlesque Performance Course taught by Tempest Rose at Madame Jo Jo’s. Tempest Rose. This was a troupe dance which was Christmas themed and involved a comedy reverse striptease act where I was dressed as a Christmas tree! It was both hilarious and exhilarating and I loved it!
Of all of your acts, which is your favourite to perform?
My favourite act to perform is called Please Don’t Touch me where I sing a duet with Charlie my puppet, and lecture him about how audience members should behave towards burlesque performers. 
What is your biggest asset and your biggest flaw as a performer?
Well my biggest assets are these…..*gestures own chest* and my biggest flaw is that it takes me an age to get ready for an act and so I am really terrible at quick changes and have on several occasions have ended up with an army of performers helping to dress me.
What do you think is people’s first impression of you?
I have an office job in my ‘other life’ so I think I look like a non extraordinary person and definitely one of the ‘norms’. I am quite a down to earth and social person and most of all backstage I pride myself on just being friendly and good mannered.
What’s your favourite thing about cabaret? 
My favourite thing about cabaret is the opportunity to create my own performance, showcasing my best talents and saying whatever I want to say! For so many years I was forever auditioning for parts where I had to fit a particular role or the producers vision, and stand on a stage singing someone else’s words and dancing someone else’s steps. Cabaret is the antithesis of this and allows the performer to create their own act and so market their own ‘product’.
We’ve all had those days when we feel like doing nothing. What motivates you to be productive on a daily basis? 
Yeah, about that erm………. seriously though I do think there are days when it is important to relax and take time to have those days when you can afford to relax and unwind. I would say that I am at my best when under a bit of pressure and when there is a deadline that has to be hit. My motto would always be ‘the show must go on’.
 What’s your next challenge in life or in performing?
I performing I’d like to focus on creating some new acts that are innovative and exciting. My next life goal is to save up for a house and also a few fancy and expensive holidays in the Caribbean.
Leonie Soprano is performing tonight not once but twice on the luscious stage!