Meet the Canty’s!

Today we’re turning the spotlight away from our performers and onto some of our favourite Luscious Cabaret regulars! If you’ve attended one of our shows in the past few months, you’ve definitely seen the Canty’s around – so we thought this week we’d ask them a few quick questions to get to know them better!
1. How long have you been coming to Luscious Cabaret? How did you first hear about it?
Our first show was in October last year and we had been recommended to it by lots of people including Emily (shameless hussy).
2. What are your memories of the very first show you attended?
How relaxed the atmosphere was and that everyone was having fun!
3. What do you most enjoy about Luscious Cabaret?
You are made to feel part of the family and it is a true party night.
4. Do you have any favourite acts or performers that you’d like to see on stage again?
Always love Michael Twaits, the guys are always fun but really we love them all!
5. You’ve been involved in quite a bit of audience participation during our shows! Would you ever consider taking to the stage yourselves?
We don’t mind looking like idiots but certainly wouldn’t like to inflict us on an audience!
6. What other events or shows do you like going to?
We try to go to cabaret and burlesque shows a couple of times a month.
7. Finally, how would you describe Luscious Cabaret to someone who has never heard of it before?
If you want to have a great time and see great acts amongst really fun and nice people, you can’t do any better than Luscious Cabaret.
Big thanks to the Canty’s and looking forward to seeing them (and all of you!) on April 7th, when we’re back at the Albany!
Photo credits: Stephan Burn Photography