Luscious Cabaret April Line Up!

Nasty Blouse & Elvis can’t wait to find out who will be taking part in April’s Luscious Cabaret! Image from the last Luscious Cabaret, taken by the fabulous Stephan Burn!

It’s that time of the month again, ladies and gentlemen… when we introduce you to the newest set of amazing Luscious Cabaret performers! April 7th will be here in a blink of an eye, so we wanted to make sure you’re getting properly excited by offering you a teaser of just who will be taking to the stage at the Albany. Without further ado, meet…

Morbidly delightful duo and Luscious Cabaret veterans, Gimcrack Productions!


Hilarious, Horny and from Texas is the fabulous SuZanna GonZo!

Chalkilicious, so delicious, makes them girls (and boys) go loco!


Photo by Plainview media

Always cheeky Miss Oopsie Ooohh, making clumsy look cute!


Photo by Dom Prior

Mysterious mistress of bygone eras, Odelia Opium!

Odelia Vintage Rebels

Photo by vintage Rebels

Starring lady in a period drama, Bonnie Knockers!

Bonnie Knockersn- Retro Photo Studio

Photo by Retro photo studio

Finally, while we are sadly deprived of the company of  Michael Twaits this time around, we are so excited to announce the amazing Paulus will be taking over hosting duties for one show only! 

Photo by Jon Ellis:

Looking forward to seeing everyone on April 7th!