Meet Truly Sumptuous

What could we do to cheer you up this dreary Wednesday afternoon? Why, introduce you to our next Luscious performer, of course: Truly Sumptuous! We can’t wait to see this lady bring her mix of cute, classic, and sexy Burlesque to The Albany in just two short days!
1. What does a typical show day look like for you?  
I try to have nothing else planned before a show so I can spend the day getting in ‘the zone’. I’ll usually get up around 9, have a leisurely breakfast, maybe watch an episode of a TV show on Netflix and then I’ll run through my routine a few times before heading to the venue (after checking and double checking that I have everything I need!)
2. What do you enjoy the most (and least) about being in the spotlight?
I love the feeling that everyone is entertained and having a good time because of me. Hearing the audience laughing and whooping and seeing them smiling during my acts is incredibly rewarding. I’m also quite vain and love that everyone’s looking at me! I hate the nerves before going on stage and I hate when I feel like I haven’t performed my best or didn’t feel like I dealt with a mistake as well as I could have. That’s all part of the process of becoming a better performer though so it’s never really that bad!
3. Do you have any special pre-show rituals?
I’m quite a new performer so haven’t really developed any rituals (yet). I always check my costume’s all in order (no buttons and zips mixed with corset laces, no ladders in stockings etc) and otherwise I just like to sit down and be calm. 
4. Tell us about the main similarities and differences between “everyday” you and your on-stage persona.
Truly Sumptuous is definitely quite similar to me when I’m at parties or when I host events. She’s fun, flirty, charismatic, always looks good, makes other people feel good. She’s quite different to me the rest of the time though. I love hanging out in bed or in a coffee shop writing, watching Netflix, doing admin, not talking to anyone and wearing no makeup! Truly would never be seen without makeup. 
5. Craziest moment you’ve experienced as a performer?
I actually haven’t had many crazy experiences as a performer but as I said I’m fairly new on the scene so there’s time! Once I was doing a comedy open mic and mentioned I’d had a romance with a comedian and the audience (who were all comedians) wouldn’t let me go on until I’d told them who it was! By which time my five minutes was up but they let me carry on anyway, that was pretty memorable! 
6. What is your all-time favourite routine you’ve done?
Ooh tricky, I only have one burlesque routine (Which I will be performing at Luscious Cabaret) so far so that has to be my favourite by default. But I also have a comedy alter ego called Maureen McDougall, who I love, and a repertoire of cabaret songs. My favourite song to perform is Bring On The Men from Jekyll & Hyde. It’s outrageously sexual and the audience reaction is always either, ‘yes, girl!’ or, ‘I really don’t know how to react this…’ both of which are pretty funny. 
7. Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your act?
Fun, sexy, a bit audience interactive. Some people have said the theme is a little bit uncomfortable but I actually just want everyone to enjoy themselves, I’m not setting out to be challenging! 
8. Current TV guilty pleasure?
Oh my gosh, so many. I love watching inane TV shows on Netflix whilst doing boring admin. I recently watched all of You, Me, Her and Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. I’m a bit in love with Krysten Ritter. I also live for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! 
Photo credits: Plainview Media