Meet Valerie Savage

Next up in our performer interview series, we have a bona fide celebrity joining us! She’s fresh off coming second in the Burlesque Idol finals, and she’s also the nicest person you’ll meet – don’t let her name put you off! May we introduce the absolutely lovely Valerie Savage…

1. What does a typical working week look like for you?

My regular person job involves a lot of organising and I bring all that into my performing life, so loads of colour coordinated notebooks of ideas. And a healthy dose of dancing around my bedroom.

2. Do you have any special tricks or routines to get yourself “in the zone” before a show?

A cup of tea and my Get Pumped playlist. Standout tracks are Guns and Ships from Hamilton and Born to Run.

3. What is your go-to Christmas movie?

MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL. I am very evangelical about it, it is without a doubt Michael Caine’s best role. My favourite bit of IMDb trivia is “Michael Caine considers the role of Scrooge to be one of his most memorable (to him)”. Why is that person so salty? It’s his most memorable role to everyone, although Miss Congeniality is a close second.

4. What are your favourite things to do when you’re not on stage?

Curling up in bed with a book. That you watch. The book is Netflix.

5. Tell us about your proudest moment as a performer.

I just came second in the Burlesque Idol UK finals, which was amazing, but I am most proud of pulling off the insane costume changes I have in that act!

6. Which three people, dead or alive, would you most like at the top of your Christmas party guestlist?

Mae West, Lucille Ball, and Maya Rudolph.

7. Give us a tease for what we can expect from your act on the 10th of December!

It’s the pass the parcel of burlesque, you think there are no more layers to remove but there always are.

8. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

The nicest!

Remember – you can see Valerie in just a few days’ time at the next Luscious Cabaret at The Albany on Saturday, December 10th!

Photo credits: Tigz Rice