The Luscious Burlesque Night!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Little Lady Luscious here, I had a fabulous one to one session with Bootsy Bonafonté last night she has one rocking burlesque routine heading your way next week.  The Luscious Burlesque Night is one of our favourite nights and we can’t help but look over some of our favourite moments from the last show.

The Birth of the Four Play Follies!

On our last course four lovely ladies decided they wanted to do a routine from class together.  They hadn’t met before the course and they hit it off.  So much so they repeated their performance at Luscious Cabaret in October.  These ladies are returning next week with their very own spicy routine.  It is going to be Epic!




The Pole

At our last show the pole got a lot of attention from the dirty duo, Vince Moon our Stage Manager, Frida Kahblo, and our host Gemma Layton.  We will be at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell next week so the pole won’t be joining us.  There is a handy corner to cling to if required.










Admiral John

The admiral returned and gave us something new to think about.  Yes he introduced us to electronic assels and his love for elaborate wigs.  What does he have instore for us this time?


Penny Poutine

We sadly had to say good bye to Luscious Regular Penny Poutine who has headed back to Hong Kong via New York.  She gave us one very sparkly good bye routine.  



Are you ready to meet our newest performers?  We have a fabulous group of ladies perfecting their routines and they can’t wait to get on the stage at The Cavendish Arms.   £10 tickets available until Monday then they will be £12.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lots of Love

Little Lady Luscious xxxx