Meet Gentleman’s Relish

It’s a lovely thing to nurture sweet young talent, and this foursome ticks all the boxes you could possibly want as the London cabaret scene’s newest all-male troupe. We are beyond excited to see what our gigolos – excuse us, gentlemen – will bring to the stage of Luscious Cabaret, which returns to the Albany this Friday!

1. What’s the ideal way for you to start your day?

A full hearty English breakfast, with a healthy dollop of Gentleman’s Relish.

2. How do you come up with a new act or routine? What does that creative process look like?

We usually get drunk and duel in the Asda car park, whereupon inspiration strikes.

3. Where – or for whom – would you most like to perform one day?

The Queen, obviously. A private performance at Buck House, very intimate and exclusive.

4. Favourite guilty pleasure?

HP sauce, but don’t tell anyone.

5. Tell us about the most embarrassing moment that you’ve had while performing.

A true gentleman never feels embarrassment. Or shame.

6. Do you have any hidden talents?

Many, but they are hidden for very good legal reasons.

7. What would you be doing with your life if you weren’t performing?

Getting drunk in a variety of private clubs, and carrying out lucrative gigolo work.

8. Give us a teaser for what we can expect from you at Luscious Cabaret…

A distinct increase in the room’s moisture levels.