A Luscious Edinburgh Trip

Last week I was on holiday and missed uploading the Luscious Blog.  Myself and Mr Delicious headed up to the Edinburgh festival for a week of shows and fun.  So I thought this week I’d give you a run down of some of the fabulous shows we went to see and where you can see them in the future.

Lili La Scala –  AFVS

This is a show I have wanted to see for a while.  Lili La Scala has been taking this show up to the Fringe for nearly 10 years and it regularly sells out.  So I made the effort and booked our tickets well in advance.  Lili is one hell of a talented compere and has been a regular on the London Cabaret scene for many years so I was very excited to see her show and she did not disappoint.  Lili  warmed up the audience to just the right temperature to welcome to the stage her first act Bettie Bombshell.  I do love a bit of burlesque as you are all aware and I throughly enjoyed Bettie’s act.  The variety acts and Lili’s costume changes and singing kept us entertained and laughing for the rest of the evening especially “Oh My Dad” Star Jesus L’Oreal.

Lili La Scala regularly performs with Black Cat Cabaret and at  Scarfes Bar in London.  Follow her on twitter and instagram to keep up to date with where you can see her next.

Twitter & Instagram: @lili_la_scala

Website: www.lililascala.com

Laurence Owen – Cinemusical High

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love and enjoy Laurence Owen’s music.  Laurence always claims he can’t act but in the latest Cinemusical offering he plays the Jock, Bad girl, popular girl, the goth that never says anything and the nerd brilliantly.  It was the last Thursday of the fringe and the energy he had on stage was infectious.  You couldn’t help but enjoy the ride of each characters journey.  If you have ever seen and loved a High school based film you will love this show and lucky for you he’ll be performing the show again at the Hidden Gems Festival in Brixton on the 16th September.

You can book your tickets here:


You can also follow Laurence on instagram and Twitter to keep up to date on where he will be performing next

Instagram: @mrlaurenceowen

Twitter: @LaurenceOwen

Website: www.mrlaurenceowen.com

Kiki Lovechild – Sheets

If you are a fan of clowning then you have to make time to see Kiki Lovechild.  His sheets show was awesome, who knew you could use a sheet to create so many different things!  From Star Wars to Marylin Monroe, from a wedding to a wind tunnel every twist and turn of the sheet makes you go “ooooo”.  The underlaying story was beautifully crafted, sad at times and funny.  We left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  You can catch Kiki in various cabaret nights across London and the UK.  Take a look at his website to find out more!


The Kagools

I’ve been following the Kagools for many years and love their approach to clowning.  It reminds me of classic Laurel and Hardy but with a 21st Century twist.  Normally the Kagools get my Dad up on stage but they gave him the day off.  The Kagools took us on an adventure with a magic unicorn to find a pair of sparkly trainers, there was baywatch stop off and a marshmallow off.

Take a look at The Kagools website for more info on what they are up to and where!


Instagram & Twitter: @thekagools


Diane Spencer – Seamless

Diane has taken up sewing so she decided to write a show about her love of sewing and the challenges of becoming a step mum.  She tells tales of her new adventures with her step children and the difference between an ‘Organic’ mum and a “Non Organic’ mum.  I love Diane’s story telling its so descriptive you feel like you are there with her.  Especially when she tells the story of her wedding cake, I was actually there but had forgotten about what happened with the cake.  For this show the  full Luscious Edinburgh contingent were there aged 30 – 65 and each one throughly enjoyed the show.

Diane regularly gigs across the UK and London check out her website for up and coming gigs!


Margaret Thatcher Queen of Game shows

I think this was possible mine and Mr Delicious’ favourite show of the fringe.  Margaret Thatcher has decided to become a game show host and with two backing dancers she manages to transport you back to the good old days of Saturday night entertainment. It had it all, audience interaction, sparkles, confetti, working for your benefits (in very weird ways), gameshow hosts of the past and political party leaders.  It is one awesome show, a few days after seeing the show we were in the queue to see another show and a fellow audience member recognised Mr Delicious from his stage debut as game show contestant and informed us he was going to see the show again because he loved it so much.

You can catch Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho at a cabaret near you.  Follow her on twitter and check out her Facebook page.

Twitter: @SohoThatcher


Nerd do Well

I’ve left the most memorable show till last.  We chose this show as Mr Delicious is a bit of a Maths nerd.  He has three degrees in maths to be exact so since I had convinced him to go up to Edinburgh for a week of the arts it only seemed fair to see a show about a nerd doing well.  The title as it turns out doesn’t do the show justice.  Tom Crosbie has an incredible memory and very nimble fingers.  I don’t want to give too much away regarding the show but what this man can do with a rubiks cube is AMAZING! Lucky for you he is also heading to Brixton on the 12th September for the Hidden Gems festival.  Go Go Go!  If what I have said isn’t enough Mr Delicious enjoyed the show so much he proposed to me straight afterwards and I am now a proud owner of a Darth Vader engagement ring!

Book tickets for Tom Crosbie Nerd do well here!