Adventures in Stage Management

As a few of you may have noticed, Little Lady Luscious has put performing on the back burner for a while. I have a few ideas for routines so I may return to performing very soon.  At the moment though I have been enjoying teaching and working on a top secret mission which will be announced next week.  So what else have I been up to? I hear you ask.

Well I’ve been out and about enjoying what got me into working in performing arts in the first place. I’ve been stage managing but this time I’ve thrown out the standard black clothing and don sequins and glitter to stage manage cabaret style.  The past year has been great fun and I have had the opportunity to work with some fabulous performers and great venues. There are two companies I have mainly been working for Finger in the Pie and House of Burlesque.  Here’s a couple of highlights …



Finger in the Pie

Last year I did quite a lot with this company and sadly the company has decided to close its doors. I first encountered finger in the pie as a performer in their showcase night at Madame JoJo’s. It was a fun night to be a part of so when I was offered some Stage Management work I lept at the chance.   I got to work with the stunning Michael Twaits, who is now one of my favourite compere’s to work with.  He is funny, great with the audience has an amazing set of pins and looks fabulous in a dress. He is also over six foot so when I stand next to him on stage, and he’s in heels, at under five foot no punch line is required. We have a giggle both on and off stage, which makes working with him so much fun.


Being made to do a shot on stage at the RVT with Michael – photo by Al J Jacob

Although there will sadly be no more Finger in the Pie I will be working with Michael again very soon. If you want to catch Finger in the Pie’s last show you can catch at the Wonderground this coming Tuesday!


House of Burlesque


There are two shows I work with at House of Burlesque but my favourite by far is Speakeasy at Sway Bar near Holborn on a Saturday. It’s a short but awesome show. There are the regular house of burlesque belles – never have I witnessed two more beautiful bottoms on stage. The changing cast is made up of a group of lovely and fantastic performers. One of the acts I enjoy is Bettsie Bon Bon and her best of British which has a tendancy to end up in a game of throw and catch. She throws her costume I catch. I would like to say I’m highly successful at this game, but sadly I’m not. The act always gets the audience going, they sing along, clap and cheer. It’s great to watch and the act’s finale regularly gets a standing ovation.


Photo by House of Burlesque

The audience does mainly consist of female parties and it’s great when we have a token male in (especially when Throberto is on). If you are at a loss for something fun to do on a Saturday go see Speakeasy. You might even spot me catching the costume! 

I seem to have a few more adventures in stage managing still to come.  I’ll be posting where I’ll be next on the Facebook page, so keep a look out for the smallest stage manager on the cabaret circuit!