Luscious Parties

Hello Ladies & Gents,  we have been a little busy here at Luscious HQ, last week we took the cabaret to Kidderminster for a Luscious Wedding.  Team Luscious built the stage, rigged the lights, installed the PA and put up a very sparkly backdrop to celebrate the marriage of Rachael and Miguel.

The setting was the gorgeous Park Hall just outside of Blakedown.  A massive labyrinth of a hall  complete with swimming pool, tennis courts and a hidden music room.  All you need for a wedding party weekend!  

We were up on the Saturday night, Little Lady Luscious got to work on Saturday afternoon putting together the stage, lights and PA. While team Luscious veteran and technician Tom picked up the acts and drove them to Park Hall.  Through out the year  we worked closely with the bride and groom to put together their perfect cabaret line up.  Rachael and Miguel are regulars on the cabaret and burlesque scene and we had to wittle their list down to only five performers.

With the fabulous Michael Twaits hosting the evening’s events the bride and groom knew their guests were in safe hands.  He warmed and wooed the guests with the song “In These Shoes” to open the show.   In his black sequin dress he matched the theme of the wedding perfectly  – “Till Death Us Do Part”.   



Our first burlesque act was the gorgeous Miss Amaratease with her buzzy bee act.  A cute and fun act where a bee sting leads to the removal of layers. 


Laurence Owen then took to the stage, Laurence is a regular at Luscious events and his song empowered is a cabaret favourite.  When he sang this on Saturday night it was met with a standing ovation from the guests.  He ended his set with another Luscious favourite;  Baltimore whores.  The songs, and acts performed on the night were all chosen by the bride and groom.  It was definitely an anything goes event!


The second burlesque act was the tasseling sensation Trixi Tassels.  She wowed the crowd with her ability to twirl one tassel, then two, then one way,  then the other way.  I’ve watched Trixi’s act many times and I’m still amazed at how she does it (You can join her workshop to find out how on the 17th August).  


Michael had the great pleasure to introduce the couple’s first dance.  All the way through the show they were smiling and laughing and this didn’t stop when they took to the stage.  It was a great evening to be a part of and a privilege to help make their day that extra bit special.


But things didn’t end there.  Shelly Inferno ended the night with an amazing fire  act and display.



Not bad for our first Luscious adventure.  If you want your own Luscious Party get in touch.  We bring the sparkle to your living room, by converting it into your very own cabaret venue.  From the canapés to the cabaret!  Get in touch with your budget and we’ll get to work.


Fire photo and feature image by Massi Stocchi