Summer Workshops – Comedy and Burlesque

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we can’t wait for Ginger Cupcake’s Comedy and Burlesque workshop.  This lady has been a tap dancing beetle, a filthy pig and Her Majesty the Queen.  If you are looking to add a bit of humour to your burlesque routine this is the lady to help you do it.  We caught up with Ginger to ask her a few questions about her first time performing, how she chose her name and what’s the most Luscious thing about comedy and burlesque …


Do you remember the first time you performed as burlesque dancer?  How did it go? 
The first gig I did by myself was brilliant! I was so pleased with myself for getting out there and applying to be in my first show! I didn’t tell anyone I was new to all this and the compere introduced me and my act as though I was a super star!! It really made my night! The act went fairly well considering it was only the second time I had performed it and the first time had been in front of family and close friends! 
How did you choose your burlesque name? 
It took me ages to decide on my burly name, I had several other names first but finally came up with Ginger Cupcake, as I’m a red head and love cupcakes! 
What is a typical day for Ginger Cupcake like? 
I don’t perform full time but on a show day I really like to pamper myself and enjoy it! I usually start with a rehearsal of whichever acts I’m performing that night, make any costume repairs that need doing, then it’s a long bath, do a bit of personal grooming and get glam for the show. I always turn up in full Ginger Cupcake style; Ginger is my alter ego and I like to have a night out in her heels once in a while!
Which Burlesque performer has inspired you the most? 
I absolutely love watching videos of Inga Ingenue!! She’s such a great dancer but also her characters are funny and fierce! However there are loads of amazing burlesque performers on the UK scene too, I love everyone who has the creativity to come up with an act and the guts to get up and perform it!
What is it about them you find so inspiring? 
Inga’s acts are impeccable, from the costume, to the choreography and the characterisation! She can be sexy, funny, cool all in one act! And she wears the best wigs!
You have many different acts which is your favourite to perform? 
It’s got to be the queen! I dress up as HRH and strip to the national anthem, what’s not to love about that!! The audience never expect the final reveal and when I start to remove my bra their faces are a picture!
What to do you think is the most Luscious thing about adding comedy to a burlesque routine? 
I love the fact that you can be funny and sexy at the same time. And life’s funny – I find something small to giggle about everyday! The world’s a bit of a crazy place to be in at the moment and we’ve got to keep smiling and laughing if we’re going to make it through. I like that burlesque can give people a laugh as well as giving them some glitz and glam. 
There are only three space left on the comedy and burlesque workshop.  It will be held on the 10th August at Academy Mews studio at 7pm.  You can book your space via the classes page on the website.  Next week we are talking to Trixi Tassels, she really knows how to make those tassels twirl. xx