Summer Workshops – Tempest Rose

Hello.  This week’s blog is brought to you with a Luscious Hangover.  The Luscious Hangover is the best kind of hangover as it comes after a fabulous night of burlesque and bubbles!  The students of the Luscious Burlesque Course did an amazing job last night and they all throughly enjoyed the experience.  So much so, that they wanted to know what they should do next.

Well,  next month we have some awesome summer workshops with some of burlesque’s top performers.  Tassel twirling with Trixi Tassels, Comedy Burlesque with Ginger Cupcake and Fan Dancing with Tempest Rose.  Each workshop is an hour and half long and open to beginners and seasoned performers.  Over the next few weeks we are going to meet our teachers.  

This week we talk to the delectable Tempest Rose.  We were lucky to get time with her this week, just back from Glasgow, the first stop on the Burlesque Idol tour, she then had her London Wonderground show Straight Up … The Next Round on Thursday and tomorrow night is House of Burlesque’s weekly residency Speakeasy at Sway in Covent Garden.  Here’s what she had to say on how she started, chose her name and what a typical day looks like for Tempest Rose.


Do you remember the first time you performed as burlesque dancer?  How did it go? 
It was at Volupte for the Kitten Club in 2007 and I had to prepare two solo’s and learn about 4 group numbers so I was running around so much I barely had time to take in the experience! I think I did ok – I remember being on a huge high after and thinking that I had finally found my thing.
How did you choose your burlesque name?
I chose my name as a tribute to Tempest Storm and Gypsy Rose Lee – in hindsight the juxtapositioning of the two words is also a perfect description of my personality. 
What is a typical day for Tempest Rose like?
I wake up and check in on my emails and social media on my phone like most people. My inbox usually dictates whether I can a) go back to sleep, b) post some pictures and schedule some fun posts or c) have to get up immediately to deal with some awesome opportunity/complete disaster/something I forgot to do the day before. Running between 1 to 3 shows a week usually means I spend a lot of my day online either organising or helping customers. Sometimes I’ll get the chance to do some costuming work which is nice, then if there’s not too much to do I’ll go to the gym( aka to meet friends and drink wine) or leave to perform or teach in the evenings.
Which Burlesque performer has inspired you the most?
Gypsy Rose Lee.
You have many different acts which is your favourite to perform?
At the moment my Vanishing Showgirl act as its my latest or I also always love doing the Ice Queen act  – the music is just so beautiful. 
What to do you think is the most Lusicous thing about fan dancing?
Fan-dancing makes you feel like a real showgirl – its so beautiful and glamorous, whilst leaving you space to put your own personality in to it.  
 Tempest Rose’s Fan dancing workshop is on Wednesday 3rd August.  For more information and bookings click here
 Head over to and book to see one of her awesome shows.