Luscious Gentlemen – Part Two

Happy Friday everyone! Today we’re continuing with our Luscious Gents, and first up is….



Slasher surprised me with his request to join the Luscious Classes.  I had not known him long and as soon as the request came in he was signed up and in class.  Over the coming weeks I discovered Slasher was in fact Sexdroid, part of a cabaret double act.

Slasher was working towards his own routine and solo debut, and he had a fantastic idea for his routine but struggled to find a piece of music that would fit it.  After a cup of tea and much deliberation, Johnny’s got a Boom Boom was eventually chosen – a fab and upbeat track which really worked with his story line!  Slasher was the doorman to a club and one of the girls didn’t show up for work, so it was down to him to cover her routine.  The mix of sexy moves and the doorman glare was hilarious and made for a great routine that brought the house down!


Slasher 1

Slasher 2



It was only a matter of time before Chalkilicious walked into class.  A friend of his had done the course a few years ago and as a result he became part of Team Luscious, helping on the door or supporting by coming to see the show.  During the run at the Roxy Bar and Screen he always made an effort to get into character, he was so brilliant and fun.  Finally the stars aligned and he was able to join in the classes!  His enthusiasm in class was brilliant.  Striking a pose came naturally and strutting across the room in his heels was a delight to watch.

He was another student who was a bit apprehensive of what I would say about what he was planning on doing.  My thoughts were: An assassin you say?  I’ve not had one of those before.  My reaction: “Brilliant!”

On the day of the show there was a mad panic over what colour shirt to wear.  I think in the end the correct shirt was chosen.  Any nerves he had were dismissed as he walked on to the stage. He went out there and gave it his all, and had so much fun doing it too.  It was a joy to watch!


Why have I been sharing these stories?  Well, each of the Luscious Students I have mentioned over the past few weeks has helped me grow as a teacher and as a person over the past five years.  When I was doubting myself or feeling low, I would walk into class and their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the routines would lift me and I would leave feeling proud of them and of myself.  With each course I develop as a teacher and that is down to my students.  I’m always tinkering with the class, trying to find the best way to teach this or that, since each student has a different way of learning. It is both a challenge and a joy to find the perfect way to bring out the best in them.


There is now only a few weeks to go until the next Luscious Burlesque Night – I can’t wait to see what this intake have taken from the class and what they will be developing for the world to see on the 7th July!


You can buy your ticket here:  £10 in advance or £12 on the door.


All photo credits go to Plainview Media.